Sunday, August 30, 2015

Insightful al episode. Yesterday was not Michael Sveta – Independent Newspaper

Michael Svetin was the 85th year vozrastK- yes, but when on August 23 he was urgently hospitalized and operated on – condition was serious, and still wanted to believe that will come up on the right. Charming, smiling merry, so he appeared in many roles. December 11 pointed to his 85th birthday.


As often happens in the acting profession, in general – in the arts, it is for life, and closes like death. That Svetin for 35 years served as his theater – Comedy Theatre. Akimova. There in 1980, the actor called Peter N. Fomenko, who managed to convince Sveta his element – a comedy. Although generally Svetin before you get first in the Maly Drama Theatre, then in the Comedy Theatre, tried a lot of things, the one his theater did not immediately found. A native of Kiev, Michael Holtzman (alias Svetin he will take on the name of daughter) graduated from the musical college there like oboist, wanted to enter the GITIS, but did not allow his exams. Then he went to Arkady Raikin in the theater of miniatures, with Raikin especially for Sveta knocked apprenticeship. But here, no luck. Sveta played in Kamyshin (and there met his future wife, actress Bronislava Proskurnin) in Irkutsk, in Penza, in Kiev, where many even taught music in school. When he finally came to the Comedy Theatre, I played a lot. For example, Rasplyueva in “Wedding Krechinsky” or the Minister of Finance in the “Shadows”, and in the statement of 1984, and staging in 2003 – Sveta in his 84 played four performances … And in February, came on the scene in the premiere of “The Blues antiques Freddie “- starring.


Although at the time it brought him fame Movie parts. On the big screen, he made his debut relatively late, when he was already over 40. But the shot, almost without ceasing: the latter role – in 2014, a retired colonel in the television series Oleg Gaza “line of Martha.” The driver funnel “Athos”, a neighbor Gorbushkin in “Can not be!” Engineer Bruns in taken by Mark Zakharov “12 chairs” (and after nearly 30 years Svetin again fall into the story of Ilf and Petrov, but the other part of it – in a zitspredsedatelya pounds in television series Uliana Shilkina “The Golden Calf”), Victor M. from the theater in “Beloved Woman Mechanic Gavrilov” Bryl in “The Sorcerer”, Daniel Terekhov in “agony”, a pharmacist in the “Man from Boulevard des Capucines» …


Heroes Sveta usually – good-natured, the naive, from the sly, their weaknesses – human specificity, liveliness acting paint. He seemed to be able to talk to facial expressions, even the eyebrows, facial expression “if not serious”, but, moreover, he was a shrewd man and an actor who could be remembered and loved by the audience, even episodic roles. Well worth it. «NG»


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