Friday, August 28, 2015

Metallica has collected a full house in the “Olympic” and “Moscow” – Russian newspaper

The legendary band Metallica continues world tour, during which twice made in Russia, first in St. Petersburg and then in Moscow.

The Americans played 18 songs, three of which – “Encore” (among them, of course, Nothing Else Matter). Not without surprises: in St. Petersburg group played a cover version of Bob Seger Turn the Page, but also Whiskey In the Jar from the repertoire of the cult Irish hard rock band Thin Lizzy. And Phil Lynott lyrics teams Metallica repeated in Moscow, very handy for the evening of August 27 to spoil the weather.

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Musicians Metallica come to the Russian capital for the sixth time (counting and promotional tours, for example, in support of the concert movie Through the Never) and already well known city. So we decided to stay at the hotel “Moscow”, where the windows overlook the Historical Museum, and Red Square. Many fans found out about it yesterday. And in the evening August 26 Observer “WG” was amazed at how many fans of the band gathered at the hotel. Came plenty of guys with guitars, girls with hair styles in different colors, all hoping to see the musicians and greet them. Many were holding homemade signs with declarations of love with the band and portraits of idols. Moreover, the fans age was 13 years older and much … From afar, someone found in a pretty woman wife frontman James Hetfield, and she turned around smilingly waved back …

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This all happened very quietly and excesses arose. The most patient in the morning on August 27, were able to see how the guitarist Kirk Hammett, for the past two years, much thinner and grizzled, went for a walk to the GUM company burly security guards, and a half above its head. What makes him most for their shoulders almost nowhere to be seen … Kirk went to the store, ask the price of dairy products, in particular, to yogurt, and even bought something by downloading a new work of his silent skinhead bulls guards …

A huge crowd turned out on the day of the concert and before the “Olympic”, many have come even without much hope to buy an extra ticket: just to be among like-minded music fans, talk about your favorite music and breathe the same air of respect for heavy metal and idols. Again were posters, guitars, conversations, songs … It seems that if Metallica in Moscow gave three concerts in a row, still in the room would have been sold out.

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The group’s performance began, as usual, with Ennio Morricone instrumental piece The Ecstasy of Gold and a small film, where anyone unfamiliar man, obviously, as they say, “homeless”, wakes in the cemetery and starts to wander in search of a way, trying to escape to the mountains towering in the distance. The moment when he seems desperate to find a way, the film broke and snatched spotlights came on the scene a group that started without delay with a vigorous song Fuel (open and 1997 album Reload). Perhaps thinking that it is the “fuel” (translated as the title track), that is energy, not enough to the man to find a way out of the mountains … However, he lead singer James Hetfield explained nothing became sparingly greeted him after the first song: “Hello, Moscow!”. Then Metallica continued their energy mantra: For Whom The Bell Tolls, Battery …

Sound in the “Olympic” (which does not always happen) at this time was excellent, three huge screens broadcast the event on stage in a hall, sometimes snatching a very spectacular footage of the work of musicians. The first few rows of the optic installed on the stage, the drummer Lars Ulrich. It seems to particularly like this drummer, he jumped up from his seat and standing thrashed bowls and chopsticks captivated fans conducted neighbors, something told them to, and sometimes even commanded. All happily agreed, but someone still violated the order, sometimes trying to touch the hand regularly running by Kirk Hammett. For well even when opportunity arises?

James Hetfield then a couple more times changed the guitar, again greeted with Moscow, reported that these songs for her. At King Nothing Hamm was first charged deployed, improvisational solo lose (and quite frankly, could do it more often). As a result, the band played at least one song from each of his studio disc, most of them traditionally turned to the “black” album Metallica 1991 – four!

At the end of the concert Hatfield already looked like the sweat from his forehead, and when He has played the last chord and engineering took his guitar, another five minutes pacing the stage, smiling and applauding spectators. Well, Lars Ulrich gave away his drum sticks, cups, from which he drank water during the concert, and even some little thing out of his pockets … And then came to the microphone and thanked the audience for the fact that the group is always good to meet and support in our country and promised that Metallica has definitely come back.

As in the 2010 Tour, the hall was again dropped large black inflatable balls, which the audience heartily played enough, and Hatfield showed also an art play head. And in the end the show lasted almost a record for the “Olympic” two hours 18 minutes!

Some audience members then tried to take balls from a home as a souvenir, but the vigilant protection of the underground with them to the station is not allowed. But positive feelings from this concert will remain a very long time …

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