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In Crimea we discuss everything you need for your holiday in Russia – First Channel

How to make a holiday in Russia comfortable, interesting and inexpensive – issues that are relevant in the holiday season, discussed today in the Crimea, State Council Presidium meeting. We talked, of course, not only on the development of the peninsula – domestic tourism, according to Vladimir Putin opens up the possibility for different territories. But they still need to somehow get out there need somewhere to live. Finally, we need to know what and where to look.

How to make a holiday in Russia comfortable, interesting and inexpensive – issues that are relevant in the holiday season, we discussed today in Crimea at a meeting of the presidium of the State Council. We talked, of course, not only on the development of the peninsula – domestic tourism, according to Vladimir Putin opens up the possibility for different territories. But they still need to somehow get out there need somewhere to live. Finally, we need to know what and where to look.

Crimea – a truly all-Russian health resort. Place in the Sun is found and the Far East, and the Siberians, and Muscovites, and those from the Urals. For license plate seen: wound thousands of kilometers to plunge into the sea of ​​impressions.

“The train car in the Crimea – the nature smart, just awesome. Accommodation is, in my opinion, for any consumer can find, depending on the of what financial dispose “- talking about the Crimea holidaymakers themselves.

Travel – a topic that excites everyone. And vacationers and politicians. The Presidium of the State Council met here. Decide what to do to rest at home became a Russian holiday-like. Examples have. In Asia and Europe, up to 80% of people are resting in their own countries. The President made it clear: sunny beaches – is more than a bronze tan. Goldmine. Tourism can and must make.

“We are in the competition for a long time to yield and concede much. First, because of insufficiently developed tourist infrastructure and low quality of services of the service. The situation is gradually, slowly but still changing. So the amount of traveling across Russia in 2014 increased by almost 30% to 41.5 million. In addition, 16% and increased inbound tourism “, – the President said.

In Russia has a place to stay. 16,000 hotels. This is 2.5 times more than in Soviet times. To invest in the industry and the regions and business. Merchants have another benefit to the local economy is full of advantages. Investing, taxes, jobs. It is estimated: 1 employee of the tourism industry there is a vacancy in the 3 related fields.

“We need to think about additional incentives for business. For those who are willing to invest in long-term projects and programs. Please work out and prepare such proposals . And of course, together with the regions, businesses need to think about how their maximum potential for the development of tourism infrastructure to use the legacy created by the FIFA Cup 2018 infrastructure. By the way, we already have good experience of such work in the organization of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Universiade Kazan and other major events. We must actively expand this experience and apply “, – Putin said.

In the industry a lot of potential, but it prevents dispersed opacity. On gray schemes in tourism said participants in the meeting. Cheating with tickets, with insurance fraud or forged tickets. Relax so that the head of nothing hurt, is not always possible.

“is not even known the exact number of travel agents. According to expert estimates, their number reached 30 thousand. Often it turns out that a travel agent, received the money from the customer hiding. In order to ensure the legitimate rights of tourists seems to us appropriate to create a single register of companies and the travel agent compensation fund of travel agencies, which could lead one of the non-governmental organizations “, – said the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Oleg Safonov.

Vacation – is usually traveling. They make up more than half of Russia’s total budget trip. Expensive tickets are explained including underdeveloped transport infrastructure. Alone, neither private investors nor the business will not solve the problem. Ministry of Transport proposed to merge.

“I think it would be right to do it for three – the federal center, a travel agency and the region, he feels better where people will fly,” – said Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Oleg Belozerov.

In this statement the President recalled the speech of the head of the republic of Crimea. Sergei Aksenov asked the President to allow easy use of alcohol in the resorts of the peninsula. Now the law does not allow even sip a glass of wine in the sanatoriums of the region, which is famous for its wineries.

“I want to ask a question with regard to the fact that Russia has traditionally used to do for three. The proposal for the authorization of the sale of alcoholic beverages in sanatoria and health resorts. Before our meeting talked on this subject with the governor, he says, that adults still beyond the fence and buy, but it is not easy for some local production of table wine and strong drink heavy. I would like to hear the opinion of Tatyana Vladimirovna Yakovleva, “- he said.

” In hospitals, of course, under the existing legislation we have prohibited the use of alcohol, but if you introduce the concept of “cultural wine consumption” – we, health professionals do not mind, “- said Deputy Minister of Health Minister Tatyana Yakovleva.

“Artful said. That is to sell in sanatoria and health resorts even local wine, Russian-made you think it possible? Nothing terrible is not here?” – Asked the President.

“The hospitals can not, it’s clear. And there, where people relax, – please,” – said Tatiana Yakovleva.

“It is difficult. That is, in the laboratory or in a clinic, a hospital – it is impossible, but in the territory of spa facilities – yes. I think that elementary logic suggests that this is probably the right thing “, – said Vladimir Putin.

The federal budget received more Crimea 22 billion rubles. Including cultural facilities. How money is spent, the President was interested in.

“I have requested the Government to provide separate funds for the development of cultural institutions of the Crimea. As used” – asked the President.

“We have 1.6 billion for this year, which, however, to the Crimea not yet reached, but the detail is painted down to the penny, which institution … “- said the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina.

” Why do not you come down? ” – Asked the President.

“There Minkrym, approvals,” – said Vladimir Medina.

“We August, mid-August,” – he reminded Vladimir Putin.

“In September last year we already painted institutions”, – said Vladimir Medina.

“And the money-where? Where is the money?” – Vladimir Putin said.

“Money in painting the Ministry of Culture,” – said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Lavrov.

“Why are not they in the institutions, not in the budget of the Crimea? Time- already – August “- asked the President.

” Due to the fact that Minkryma liquidated half months lost a total of these processes, but still the development of this year, we are one hundred percent guarantee All contractors are painted, all fully secured, all objects without exception. The end of the week – the deadline we “, – assured the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

” Let me remind you that this is the implementation of those agreements and that the request which sounded from the cultural Crimea, when we met with them last year, “- said the President.

The participants agreed that the success of the tourism industry is made up of several factors. In addition to service and infrastructure and promoting more rest. In Russia there is a lot to see and potential guests should get as much information about a huge exciting country. It is necessary to promote domestic tourism centers abroad. Those who go on a trip, is also to simplify the process of entry, said the President.

“To expand the practice of the group of visa-free exchange – you can do it for the whole group, which we call the BRICS countries. Now this practice is in relations with China as part of an agreement on visa-free group tourist trips. In general, as shown by both the Russian and international experience, liberalization of the visa regime almost always leads to an increase in tourist flows. Israel once canceled – at more than double flow citizens from Israel to Russia increased. In two and a half times. From Turkey by 41%. From the Republic of Korea by 40% “, – Putin said.

Foreigners are attracted not only the sights, but desheveyuschy ruble. They have beneficial rest. However, the exchange rate rose from trips abroad became more expensive. Including why more and more Russians this summer looking toward their native shores. Resorts, motels, hotels Crimea is not empty. Peninsula this year have already visited 3 million people, and in fact the velvet season is not finished yet. By the end of the year are expected 5 million visitors.

There, in the Crimea, Vladimir Putin spoke out sharply on the current situation in Ukraine, which, according to the President, now put under humiliating for the Ukrainian people outside management.

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