Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Department of Culture has refused to give money, “Gogol-center» – intermedia.ru

The Department of Culture of Moscow said it will not pay the debts “Gogol-center.” Since April 2015, when it became aware of the 80 million debt, “Gogol-center”, the theater, according to online procurement, spent about 30 million rubles for the creation of works of art, artists’ fees, fire safety and food in the theater café. According to the Moscow Department of Culture, theater is loss-making and responsibility for all decisions related to finance, is the artistic director of “Gogol-center” by Kirill Serebrennikov, according to “Izvestia».

– We categorically reject interfere in the affairs of the theater, – said the head of the Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky. – Not only the artistic director Serebrennikov. At the moment he is actually acting as director and determines what is good, what is bad. Our department vicarious liability for the expenses of subordinate institutions can not be held. In March, the theater had a problem with the payment of wages, but then we moved them to the annual funding of the whole, although it is done in the best quarterly. We helped the theater, thus fulfilling all its obligations before him. More money we have.

Kirill Serebrennikov in turn, said that over the past four months the budget deficit of the theater managed to reduce by almost half.

– Over five months, the theater director Anastasia Blue productively and successfully worked hard to reduce the planned deficit – said Kirill Serebrennikov. – Was repaid current payables, reduced costs, increased ticket sales for a number of performances added to the number of seats in the auditorium, increased ticket prices on some performances, the theater’s repertoire had been drawn up in such a way as to ensure maximum utilization of the scene.

At present, there is a theater director, as Anastasia Golub left from his post in late July 2015, after working for five months.


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