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One, two, Freddy came to him … – TVNZ

Wes Craven took a great horror film “Nightmare on Elm Street” in 1984. It is best to look just a little unprepared, years, for example, ten – then shibanet really like shibanulo author of these lines.

«One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.

Three, four, better lock the door.

Five, six – Grab your crucifix.

Seven, eight – and do not lie down until late.

Nine, ten – and never sleep ».

After the story of Freddy Krueger, the Avengers, who was in the dreams of those children who burned him alive, and turn them into mincemeat, has no film did not seem scary. “Just as the name of Alfred Hitchcock’s forever associated with thrillers, and the name of Sergio Leone – with spagettivesternami name Craven is always associated with horror films” – rightly observes now obituary Los Angeles Times.

Craven was born in 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio, in a very religious family (he was forbidden to go to the movies because it was considered a sin). I got a good university degree (psychology, philosophy, English language and literature). And then he spat on the philosophy and went to shoot porn: by his own admission, under the pseudonyms he made a lot of cheap paintings, which swirled in special theaters for adults (video, we recall, was not there). In 1972, he gradually moved to violence by clearing for a paltry 90 000 dollars thriller “The Last House on the Left” – a remake, who would have thought, “The Virgin Spring” Ingmar Bergman; the story of two girls who have fallen into the hands of sadists.

His career Craven continued his film “The Hills Have Eyes” (1977) and, of course, the “Nightmare on Elm Street” – painting, which took film debut Johnny Depp. Somewhere in forty minutes after the start of sucked in the interior of the sofa on which he inadvertently fell asleep (and hit the steel legs ruler sleep Freddy Krueger). Sofa pulverized and digested Johnny Depp, and then spit it into the ceiling in the form of a stream of bloody porridge. The “Nightmare” was six sequels – some good, some bad. The latter, one of the least successful, was shot by Craven – where the action takes place on the set of the next film about Freddy Krueger, who is now himself filmmakers.

This post-modernism in the dying kinoseriale few people came to taste – but Craven prompted the idea to make a film “Scream” (1996), in which a maniac hunting for boys and girls, and an outstanding way killed at the beginning of Drew Barrymore. The main joke “Scream” was that both victims and the maniac knew horror movie cliches and behaved, focusing on them. The audience appreciated the game: “The Scream” was one of the most successful kinofranshiz 90, and no doubt influenced other filmmakers. “Scream” and its sequels several series on its grounds were the last outstanding project Craven.

«At some point, you realize, yes, you’re good. I definitely left a mark in the history of American cinema “, – he said in an interview five years ago.

Adored birds. Until the end of days, I call your favorite movie “Night of the Living Dead” George Romero and the same Bergman “The Virgin Spring”. He was married three times and fathered two children.


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