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After Vyborg Irina Kupchenko introduced the “teacher” in Finland – Russian newspaper

One of the most resonant paintings just past the festival “Window to Europe” has become “The teacher,” directed by Alexei Petrukhina. Starred Irina Kupchenko after Vyborg with a colleague Andrei Merzlikin, director and screenwriter Alex Petrukhin Ekaterina Asmus presented the film in the Finnish town of Kotka. Last year in Kotka showed the film Vera Watchdog “9 days and one morning”, now the choice fell on “teacher”.

“What makes Kupchenko in this film makes a strong impression – said chairman of the Foundation “Cinema” Stanislav Yershov. – Today, a rarity when the movie cuts to the quick. ” The competition jury in Vyborg, recall, rejected all the films and awarded the main prize, the “Golden rook” – as if in defiance of directors, it was her, the actress. “For the impeccable craftsmanship, dignity and honesty.” Although we note: the audience in the festival category “Vyborg Account” gave their votes did exactly this film as a whole.

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What hooked viewers? Once there was a history teacher … Historians of the most difficult to bleed the internet information high school students. So she throws a student: “You yourself have not dealt with these by your historical events. You zaplutali, and we – the shame?” 40 years for the heroine Kupchenko work in the school was calling. Now it turned out, it is – a “manager of the educational process”.

And then one day, “the teacher,” driven to despair cynical 11th “A” away the gun that brought some of the students, taking into hostage the whole class. Weapons roams hand, changing kings for a day. Following the “teacher” children discover: the horror that dokrichatsya others, is now possible only with a gun in his hand.

Somewhere in the film is tightened, the script limp. On the drama turns into a comedy pushes passages (played by the fantastic Rose Khairullina head teacher, to give away right and left candy, in ballet jumping in a school hallway), tin thriller turns into a tragicomedy. At the end of the same – a happy ending: the same class, that two hours was torn apart by terrible passion, suddenly rallied to the “teacher” at a fire under a guitar strumming. A breath thaw times. Tale?

We can say, with all its shortcomings, has turned quite a popular cinema (by the way, taken without state subsidies). The director calls it “an important social statement in the format fascinating viewers’ movie.” The fact that such a film without a major harvest festival theater owners are not interested – it is rather a problem of hire.

As for the controversial finale … In the 20s of the previous year German actor Emil Yanningc (the fans know it for the “Blue Angel” with Marlene Dietrich) required to rewrite the script to his fallen hero had at least some hope for the future: “I have to believe in this world!” It has been almost a century – and now Irina Kupchenko, representing “the teacher,” says about the same thing: “The law of any happy ending – is faith. To believe that, then and there”.

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changing era – and changed movies about school. There have been “live to see Monday”, “The Big Break”. There was a “dolly” – a half-forgotten movie with Irina Metlitskaya about love student and teacher. There was a “School” Gaius Germanicus. A recent “Geographer Globe propyl”. Teachers with students evolved eyes. In this series of integrated and “The teacher”.

At Eldar Ryazanov in “Dear Elena Sergeevna”, 1988 release, the teachers descended from the podium: it can knock out a great certificate, unceremoniously. The schools play loudly discussed Lyudmila Razumovskaya on which to make a film – and refused to believe such a mirror. Forty years ago Kupchenko played Ilya Averbuch in “foreign letters” intelligent teacher who could not say “no” high-handed high school student. Today, her character is holding at gunpoint class and spits in the face of the students words of contempt. And here’s the important thing. “The teacher” really – not just the school. “In fact, the class – is a model of today’s society, – said Andrei Merzlikin, who played chief security operation to rescue the students. – Every student has an opinion, but do not agree with each other. And no one wants to hear the other. Alas.”


In the Finnish Kotka film went to the Russian with English subtitles. They tried to translate into Finnish name, but got stuck: what does this dismissive – “teacher”?

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