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Between comic books and “Mumu”: what can spend money Library in Moscow – REGNUM


Moscow, August 23, 2015, 16:20 – REGNUM Level Library in Moscow is very high, the funds well filled. But the library should form the needs of readers and not to focus on their needs, there is no need to work the laws of the market on August 23, correspondent IA REGNUM said the writer, poet, Ph.D., Ph.D., professor of the Faculty of Journalism Igor Volgin .

It should be noted that on 21 August the Board of Directors of Moscow Libraries stated that in the near future will develop a new system of selection of books bought in library funds of the city, as the capital’s reading room filled with literature of dubious quality. In particular, in 2013-2014 the allocated funds of 170 million rubles spent on the base part, but popular with the townspeople work. So what books can be paid from the city budget?

«I think that the state has the right to determine, at least approximately, the range of priorities for libraries. Because, for all the breadth of our book market has a lower limit, the book should not be “below the plinth», – stressed Volgin. – A person can buy any book, because we have, thank God, there is no censorship. As for the library – a certain store spirit, strength of spirit, and there still has to be literature, science, and art, and classic, which is the core of national and global aesthetics, including modern. But what? If the student asked to choose between the comic and “Mumu”, he chooses the comics. ”

According to Volgin, the question of filling library collections in Moscow, as well as spending budget funds for their purchase, should be returned to the jurisdiction of the libraries themselves. But it is necessary to determine the range of conditions, priorities on which their funds have to navigate.

«There are things that are necessary for the formation of a common perception that there was some common code of the nation. After all, we identify each other by quotations. There are some formulas that enable people to understand that they belong to the same national structure. Libraries should be a wide range of contemporary literature: the poetry and prose. But this literature – not grafomanskoy not opportunistic, does not come cheap. The main principle here, of course, not an ideological and aesthetic. To this was not a forgery. The library does not need to focus on the needs of the reader. The library should form these requirements and not to go after them. ”

As for the proposal to establish a profile of the Board, which would decide what books to buy, and in what proportion to allocate budgetary funds for the purchase, such a structure may be only advisory, the expert said:

«This will be a complex bureaucratic structure, but in terms of an advisory body it can be. Some advice, guidance, yes – but not prohibitive and mandatory terms. As general advice on the recommendations of the libraries. Although I have no idea who will actually read it all. ”

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