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As Danelia taught Obama saying “Ku!” – TVNZ

Danelia few years ago, he said in an interview with “KP”, that the animated version of the film “Kin-Dza-Dza” will be a point in his career. He was no longer going to shoot movies. On the one hand, I’m sorry. On the other hand, in the twentieth century there are few directors who would do for the Russian cinema more. He is a man not much fun – if you peer closely, even in shining, transparent world “Walking the Streets of Moscow” can catch the notes of anxiety and sadness. His intonation – wise and a little sad. And infinitely ironic – this is only a very smart, very talented and a lot of people who bore.

The three volumes of his memoirs – a collection of exquisite, polusmeshnyh A half-baek. On the day of the anniversary would like to recall some stories Danelia.

Danelia and vodka

In the mid-80s Danelia drank heavily. He does not like to talk about it, but probably it was connected with the death of his son Nicholas (he died in an accident in 26 years). My wife insisted that Danelia went to the Crimea to Professor Dovzhenko – encoded. Danelia took with friends – operator Vadim Yusova and friend Yuri Kushnereva.

The success he did not really believe. And I lost all hope after being heard before a meeting with Dovzhenko tedious three-hour lecture about the dangers of alcohol abuse (read it to some stranger doctor from Sochi).

But then Dovzhenko took them and asked how long they They want to be coded. Danelia glumly replied: “All my life.” Friends, including teetotal Kouchner responded the same way. Dovzhenko held it over their heads hand (the whole procedure did not take three minutes) and said that the more drinks they will not ever.

Danelia finally decided that he met with a charlatan. But then I imagined the meal, a glass of vodka, snacks … and suddenly shuddered at the thought of alcohol. Since he does not drink and does not feel any interest to vodka. It was the same with Yusov and Kushnereva.

Danelia and theater

Once, when Danelia was six or seven years old, he fell ill with malaria. The doctor gave him a pill and warned parents that the urine of them painted blue.

Soon, the grandmother took Danelia theater – the Moscow Art Theatre showed “Blue Bird”. During the intermission, I went to the toilet, stood at the urinal … and suddenly heard a man’s voice is well placed behind him says: “Do not believe it!” He turned around – it turned out it startled Stanislavsky! The director says that has not invented this amazing story. He even wanted to replace the story of Stanislavsky in the less well-known actor or director, to the story more credible. Then I leave it at that: “I do not believe, so be it!»

Danelia, Chernenko and Obama

When writing the script, “Kin-dza- za! “came to power, Konstantin Chernenko and the authors feared that the” Ku! “will be reviewed by the censor as an allusion to his initials. However, Chernenko died soon after, and under Gorbachev began anti-alcohol campaign, and had to remove from the script entirely different: mention of the Georgian grape moonshine, Chach (it was replaced with vinegar).

Already in the 2010s Danelia said in an interview that he had heard talk of a Russian journalist with the sister of Barack Obama. She asked: “What is your brother knows about Russia?” The sister replied: “In the house of the parents was Russian tape with some stupid movie that he looked infinitely. Then all the questions Barak replied: “Ku!»

Five best film Danelia:

– «I walk across Moscow»

– “Mimino»

– «Kin-za-za!»

– «Autumn Marathon»

– «Athos»


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