Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Detained two suspects in the attack on the exhibition at the Manezh – BBC Russian

The Moscow police have detained two people suspected of repeated attacks on the exhibition “Sculptures, which we do not see” in the Arena.

“The staff of the Moscow police, who arrived on a call at exhibition at the Manezh in connection with the reports of conflicts between citizens, brought two people in OMVD the district China Town for further proceedings, “- said the agency TASS chief of the press service of the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Moscow Andrei Galiakberov.

On Wednesday evening it became known that the exhibition of Vadim Siddur suffered repeated attacks.

“Tonight at the show its visitors – a man and a woman, at first quietly bypassing the exposure, suddenly tore one of the works of Vadim Siddur with a shout, now pogrom undergo the whole exhibition, “- said a spokesman for the museum and exhibition association” Manezh “Alain Karneeva.

August 14, activists of the movement” God’s will “attempted pogrom at the exhibition” Sculptures, which we do not see “in the Arena. His action, they explained that the exhibits, in their opinion, insulting the feelings of believers.

According to the All-Russian scientific and artistic restoration center it. Grabar, two of the four damaged while work Sidura subject to lengthy restoration using tailor-made methods. Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church activists have condemned the action.


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