Monday, August 31, 2015

Cancer has murdered the creator of Freddy Krueger – Dni.Ru

The director of horror films Wes Craven died on the 77th year of his life in Los Angeles. He died as a result of serious illness – cancer of the brain.
Wes Craven. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press

The author and director of cult horror films Wes Craven died in the US at the age of 76 years. creator of “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream” kill brain cancer .

Craven died at his Los Angeles home surrounded by family. The death of the director has confirmed his wife , said the publication The Hollywood Reporter.

During his long film career Craven took about 30 tapes. The director worked on the horror movie “Scream,” “The Hills Have Eyes,” “The Last House on the Left,” “Freddy vs. Jason” and of course the “Nightmare on Elm Street.” It was he who came up with one of the worst characters – Freddy Krueger .

The name is inspired by the scene Craven memories of his youth in Cleveland, where he lived on Elm Street, next to the cemetery. Movies about Krueger was released in 1984-1989, and became the hallmark of the director.

It is equally well known horror “Scream” Craven was filmed in 1996. This tape thrillers raised the bar to a new level, going into the lead in the box office and earned more than US $ 100 million. In addition, the director had a flair for promising actors: through his casting in the movie came Johnny Depp, Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis.

One of the last films Craven was released in 2010. However, the picture “Take my soul” had a great success and gathered at the US box office total of 1.87 million dollars. Also, did not cause the audience applause and the band Scream 4 (2011) year, which gathered in America just 4.81 million dollars.

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