Thursday, August 20, 2015

Died Lev Durov – BBC

84, died film and theater actor, theater director, People’s Artist of the USSR Lev Durov. Farewell to the actor will be held at the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya August 24.

7 August 2015 it was reported that Lev Durov was hospitalized in serious condition. The next day he underwent heart surgery, Durov got better, but later the actor was diagnosed – pneumonia. This week, he again underwent surgery, the doctors brought him to a state of artificial coma … On the night of Thursday, August 20, Lev Durov died.

A few years ago, in the spring of 2009, he suffered a heart attack; According to some sources, it was the impact of the installation of the pacemaker year earlier – the actor has long complained of heart problems.

Lev Durov was born in December 1931 and at 19 he entered the Moscow Art Theatre School.

According to his own admission, he He tried to justify the nickname that he was given the same age – Actor; because she went as a child in a drama school in the district House of Pioneers.

After completing his studies, he was invited to the Central Children’s Theatre (CDT now Ramtha – Russian Academic Youth Theatre), where the young actor met with Anatoly Efros. It is with this director were tied 30 years of his career on the stage. Durov went with Efros in Lenk, and then in the Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, which was for life.

Like many actors of the Soviet time, the theater was important in the life of Leo Durov. He played Tybalt in “Romeo and Juliet”, Iago in “Ottelo” – only about a hundred of diverse performances, from Pushkin’s “Boris Godunov” to the “Jews of the city of Peter” on the play by Strugatsky brothers. In the late ’70s Durov learned in GITIS on the director and he became stage performances – that he brought to his home theater fiction Strugatsky (premiered in 1991).

From the work of director in the movie Durov refused – he explained that for the sake of the film should be a long time to leave the theater. Such parting actor was not ready.

Nevertheless, he shot a lot and willingly. His first roles were sporadic – in the mid-50s he played the assistant Excavator (“Good morning”, 1954), the Assistant combiner (“Guest from the Kuban”, 1955). But after 1961, when Durov appeared Mikhail Romm in the drama “Nine Days of One Year”, for it started a completely different movie, “Walking the Streets of Moscow”, “To me, Mukhtar!”, “Time, forward!” ” Old men-robbers “,” Bumbarash. ”

The most, perhaps, at the Durov memorable roles were de Treville in the film adaptation of Dumas’ D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers “, karate San Sanycha musically Eastern Julia Guzman,” Do not be afraid, I am with you “and agent Klaus “Seventeen Moments of Spring”.

the role of agent provocateur in the famous movie about Stirlitz actor, in his memoirs, originally wanted to give up.

«It was disgusting to play this villain , the informer. Then I reread the script and I thought, maybe, it is necessary to understand what kind of phenomenon is – an agent provocateur, trying to decipher it? In the theater I had to play similar roles, such as Iago in “Othello,” which put Anatoly Efros, “- he said in an interview. He realized that his people had avenged Klaus for his inconsistency.

«I many said that I played truthfully and probably correctly, that Stirlitz my hero slapped on time, or how many more innocent people he killed,” – said Durov .

In a large – about 250 works – filmography Lev Durov almost no major role. He played in the movie, as if trying not to leave the theater too long. Such actors, masters of the second plan, the Soviet cinema took willingly. They each frame is saturated with his presence, did appear on the screen realistic. For example, they are used to in the theater and as best they could – forcing the viewer to believe in the reality of painted scenery, props and received conditional on the image. One of them – and one of the most memorable – was Lev Durov.


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