Friday, January 22, 2016

Exhibition Serov in the remaining three days will work “until the last customer” – BBC

The exhibition, which includes 250 paintings and graphic works by Valentin Serov and dedicated to its 150th anniversary, opened in the building of the Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val November 7 and during the entire duration of the evoked considerable interest. Queues are not reduced, but even increased. The museum has extended the work halls until late evening. It did not help. Queues were all the New Year’s holiday, despite the cold. Then it was decided to add another week – an exhibition originally planned to roll on January 17.

But here Tretyakov visited Vladimir Putin contributed to downright hysterical demand for Serov.

January 21 it came to fights and broken doors. At the exhibition lined up two queues: one of those who bought tickets in advance online, and of those who are going to buy tickets at the box office. The door is reported by witnesses, broke down those who did not buy tickets.

In the morning a representative of the museum makes urgent message: “We have temporarily until the end of the exhibition, stop the sale of online tickets, because there were questions at people who bought the tickets, and believed that they could go out of turn, but in the end it turned out that a waiting list of those who bought tickets online ».

An employee of the press service of the State Tretyakov Gallery said it now museum “all right”, but

officers “just in case” caused extra outfit police and ambulance services, as well as distributing queuing tea and coffee.

«We are doing everything possible to people who came to the exhibition were able to examine her,” – noted the press service.

The management of the museum asked to be taken to queues with the understanding so as the gallery is not able to put everyone at the same time due to the fact that large numbers of people to change mode of temperature and humidity in the rooms, which can damage the exhibits. The museum added that most of the exhibits can be seen in the permanent exhibition and at the end of the exhibition.

After the incident at the door, and the conflict in line at the situation had to intervene chief cultural officer of the country. “I drove into the Tretyakov Gallery. Resolved: Serov exhibition will run in the evenings, “until the last visitor” to 24.01 inclusive “- tweeted Culture Minister Vladimir Medina.

To prolong the work of the exhibition for another week, as asked some visitors, the museum is not I intend. “The exhibition Serov will no longer renew her previously extended by a week. It was to be completed on January 17, but we have extended it until 24 January. Then it is impossible for reasons of safety of the works “, – said the press service of the Tretyakov Gallery.

The fact that more than 150 works on display – paintings, which can not exhibited longer. “The exhibition, – said the management of the museum – will close on January 24 in 21.00».

In the future, however, the Tretyakov Gallery is planning special note rooms with works of Valentin Serov. This was stated in connection with the events around the exhibition director of the State Tretyakov Gallery Zelfira Tregulova.

«For the convenience of those people who are interested in Serov, we will make a special navigation pointer to his work”, – said Tregulova. The permanent exhibition of the Tretyakov Gallery is located about three dozen “fundamentally important” works of Serov, including the famous “Girl with Peaches”, a portrait of actress Mary Yermolova and one of the options “Abduction of Europe».

As described Tregulova, All these works will be in Lavrushinsky Lane two weeks, and

if you go on special signs from the wardrobe, then “Girl with Peaches” can be a minute.

Meanwhile, in the case already involved and the Presidential Council on Human Rights. He asks to extend the exhibition Serov month.

This initiative was made deputy chairman of the HRC Yevgeny Bobrov. “We propose to extend the exhibition Valentin Serov and appeal to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation and the leadership of the Tretyakov Gallery with a request to extend it at least for a month.” According to him, this initiative is due to the fact that many who wish could not get to the exhibition.


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