Wednesday, January 27, 2016

In Sweden, the first case of infection with Zeke – RIA Novosti

 Laboratory to determine the virus Zika at the Institute Centers of Rio de Janeiro. Archival photo

© AP Photo / Leo Correa

STOCKHOLM, January 27 – RIA Novosti, Lyudmila Bozhko . One case Zika virus was registered in Sweden. This was reported by a Swedish television channel TV4, with reference to the results of laboratory tests.

According to media reports, the virus did not cause serious disease in its carrier. Doctors believe that the risk of an epidemic in the country is not.

 Laboratory to determine the virus Zika at the Institute Centers of Rio de Janeiro

© AP Photo / Leo Correa

“reason to believe that the virus will spread in Sweden, no. Mosquitoes that carry the virus, are not. Therefore, there is no reason to worry, that he will be here to spread” – said TV 4 epidemiologist at the Swedish Board of Health Anders Tegnell.

The Swedish authorities any recommendations to give up visits to the country risk has not been given.

Earlier, the Danish Radio reported that one case of Zika virus confirmed in this country. Ill is being treated in hospital, he has recently returned from a trip to Central and South America.

It is also learned that in Portugal recorded five confirmed cases of infection. According to the National Institute of Health of the country, all infected recently returned from Brazil. It also noted that people who have laboratory tests confirmed the presence of the virus had not been hospitalized, so some do not require further medical care.

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