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“Golden Eagles” were Nikita Mikhalkov and the film “About Love” – ​​TVNZ

The ceremony of awarding the “Golden Eagle” this time was quite laconic and even boring: no one “lit” the scene, did not utter a truly brilliant speeches, and surprises in terms of the distribution of prizes was not so much. While surprises are – and the principal have reserved the very end. For example, when the prize for contribution to world cinema was awarded to Nikita Mikhalkov, many in the audience held their breath. On the one hand, Nikita really made a great contribution to world cinema than almost all Russian filmmakers still alive enough to count his prizes at the Cannes, Venice and other festivals. But on the other – “Golden Eagle” because his bonus, he is its permanent patron, she was for many years called colloquially “golden mustache” (if you turn the image of a stylized eagle on the 180 degrees, just mustache and will receive), and because of all this comes out, you will, a certain awkwardness.

Minister of Culture Russia Vladimir Medina at the ceremony film award “Golden Eagle” Photo: RIA Novosti

Well, okay, let’s say. Moreover, Mikhalkov was, as usual, is charming; particularly pleased with the audience the message that got free medical care in good health center for more than a thousand veterans of the film. And beautiful thanked from the stage all those with whom he worked and works in the movies.

Actor Maxim Averin at the ceremony film award “Golden Eagle “ Photo: RIA Novosti

The main contenders for the top prizes were regarded as two large-scale paintings of women in war,” Batalon “Dmitry Meshieva about women’s” death squads ” He participated in the battles of the First World, and remove Sergei Mokritsky Russian-Ukrainian “The battle for the Sevastopol ” of the heroine of the Great Patriotic War, sniper Lyudmila Pavlicenco . Basically, both pictures got his due, “Batalon” received the prize for Best Actress (Maria Kozhevnikova ), Best Music (Yuri Poteenko ), installation and operation sound engineer,” The Battle of Sevastopol “- for best female lead (lovely Julia Peresild literally caught reward the star” Battalion “Mary Aronova ) and cinematography (Yuri King).

Actress Julia Peresild, won the award for “Best Actress in a movie “ Photo: RIA Novosti

However, the battle between the two war films, which threatens to turn the presentation of” Eagle “suddenly wedged Stanislav Govorukhin with a purely peaceful nostalgic” End of a Beautiful Era “, the adaptation of” compromise “Sergei Dovlatova , criticized six months ago on the” Kinotavr “for that from Dovlatova there were horns and legs. 80-year-old Govorukhin filmed mostly a movie about the end of his youth and the death of a great era of the thaw came in 1968 with the invasion of Soviet troops in Prague . This muted black and white picture is awarded the prize for Best Director (“I get a reward with a pure heart, I love this movie, I think it’s my best work” – said Stanislav), for Best Supporting Actor (Dmitri Astrakhan, a few years back to retrain from directors in character actors and rapidly has achieved in this field success), for the best work of production designer and costume designer.

Actress Hope Mikhalkov with spouse director Rezo Gigineishvili at the ceremony film award” Golden Eagle “ Photo: RIA Novosti

The best actor in a leading role was named Fyodor Bondarchuk for a fantastic comedy “Ghost.” His competitors were Eugene Tsyganov (“The Battle of Sevastopol”) and Ivan Kolesnikov (“The End of a Beautiful Era”) . But Kolesnikov, in this case given the prize was no way, and Roma and so last year received the award for best actor on television (“The Thaw”), and once again without a break to prove to someone that he is a talented, academics were just bored. Bondarchuk award prizes to the actor Andrew Merzlikin not fail kindly note that “knowingly named his first son, Theodore.” Fyodor in acceptance speech was exceptionally kurtuazen, lavishing praise to those who worked with him on “The Ghost”, especially his partner, young Semyon Treskunov .

State Duma of the Russian Federation and the actress Maria Kozhevnikova before the ceremony of awarding the film award “Golden Eagle” Photo: RIA Novosti

The prize for best screenplay went to Alexander Mindadze (“Dear Hans, Dear Peter”). Mindadze himself put this slow, sultry, recreating painful ominous atmosphere of a movie about a German engineer who worked in the Soviet before the war (our country to the last, until June 22, on paper friends and it is currently cooperating). “Sweet Peter” saw only a few hundred people (it was shown in June at MIFF , and in wide release will be released only at the beginning of March). Many critics in the summer, time to call it the best national picture of the year. Mindadze nominated in the category “Best Director”, but lost Govorukhin; nominated “Dear Hans,” and in the category “Best Film”, but …

«Golden Eagle” fell in love with Anna Melikyan ! Photo: RIA Novosti

But then it happened quite unexpectedly. The best film of the year was named the picture of Anna Melikian “About Love”, six months ago, won the main prize of “Kinotavr”. “Stunned” – said Nikita Mikhalkov before the stage to read the name of the winning entry. And it was with that stunned: Film Melikyan, except the main “Eagle” has not received any more prizes (though Renata Litvinov was nominated in the category “Best Actress” and Eugene Tsyganov – in the category “Best Actor”). And she Melikyan, going for a reward, obviously stunned: “A good drama, I like to understand a little of its laws, but by the turn I was not prepared. It was nominated for so many wonderful serious patriotic films that seemed to have our little hooligan picture is not likely to . But I (Melikyan smile) I support this decision, I think it is wonderful! “

Images from the film” About Love ” . Photo: Film Company “Magnum”

We can only agree – really beautiful, neither noncommittal, charming and well-made film Melikyan where is easier to love than a solemn and severe” battalion “and” Battle of Sevastopol, “old-fashioned” The End of a Beautiful Era “or heavy” Sweet Hans , dear Peter “.

So the film” About Love “. Photographer Mark Boyar

other prizes

The best television series (more than 10 series) – “Catherine” ( Producer Alexander Akopov , Natalia Shneyderova , Catherine Efanova artistic director Vladimir Menchov , director Alexander Baranov , Ramil Sabitov)

The best TV movie or mini-series (less than 10 episodes) – “The Executioner” (producer Konstantin Ernst, Denis Yevstigneev , director Vyacheslav Nikiforov)

Best Actor at Television – Andrew Smolyakov (“The Executioner”)

Best Actress on Television – Victoria Tolstoganova (“The Executioner”)

The best foreign film in cinemas in Russia – “ Birdman ” Alejandro Gonzalez Inaritu

The best animated film – “Three heroes. The Knight” Constantine Feoktistov

The best non-fiction films -” Varlam Shalamov . The experience of the young man, “Paul Pechyonkin.


« Golden Eagle 2016 “: Maria Kozhevnikova Pomeroy neckline with Melikyan

All year 1st pavilion Mosfilm was waiting for this event. Throughout the year the movie was released, the whole year the actors, actresses, directors, writers and all those without whose work it is impossible to create a picture of hope that their work will be noticed and recognized. Unless the audience to ensure a successful hire, so there is a hope to critics and colleagues, whose opinion is also important for many (details)


Anna Melikyan: We must be grateful for every moment of love

«About Love” – ​​a movie a little infantile, like all his characters – City Slickers, playboys, graffiti, videogeymery and kospleyery (followers of Japanese anime fans, dress up in comic book characters.) And although the court, as noted, the “crisis” of cases they all have exactly two – to talk about love and possibly its do. Even business “papa” in a glass office (Vladimir Mashkov ) or severe girl-cop (Ravshan Kurkova ) tend to assume that, in spite of all employment, “to love someone is necessary.” These heroes as unlucky in love oligarch Mikhail of Ephraim , to Melikyan never social functions, and first of all representatives of the city “subcultures” of the flowery and varied Moscow fauna and the director describes it exactly to the proportion of levity, it deserves (details)

About Love – Trailer 1080p


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