Thursday, January 21, 2016

The first Muscovite died of influenza – Dni.Ru

In the capital, recorded the first death from influenza. Chief specialist on infectious diseases in Moscow Nikolai Malyshev described the reason for the dangerous disease leads to death.

Photo: Leonid Pavlyuchenko / Dni.Ru

Malyshev confirmed that the first death from the flu in the capital registered by , however, According to him, to judge the factors that led to this, while it is impossible. The expert noted that in the case of flu you should immediately consult your doctor. This untimely visit to the hospital is becoming a major cause of death from dangerous infection . “Most drugs are most effective in the first three days after the disease”, – quotes Malyshev “Interfax”.

How to write Dni.Ru , According to the January 18 27 have died from the flu Russians , most of the deaths registered in St. Petersburg. The Health Ministry said that mostly people from risk groups vaccinated, as well as those who later went to the doctor. Mostly the virus is now the so-called swine flu H1N1, the capital of them is infected every second person with the flu. H1N1 affects the upper airways, changes the composition of the blood, speeding up its clotting and causing blood clots.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, the rise in the incidence of influenza this year started earlier than usual, but too early to talk about the epidemic. “ While in Moscow exceeded the estimated epidporog on the incidence of influenza and ODS , therefore quarantined city is entered. As soon as the situation worsens, will be made more severe measures – will be introduced quarantine measures”, – said Head of the epidemiological Surveillance Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow Nonna Fomkina.


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