Sunday, January 31, 2016

“Kung Fu Panda 3″ won first place at the box United States and Canada – BBC

DreamWorks Animation’s famous “Shrek,” which successfully passed a series of as many as four, and to abandon the practice has brought a good profit is not going to. Three “Madagascar” (and spin-off “Penguins of Madagascar”), two “How to Train Your Dragon” (and the popular animated series). And of course, “Kung Fu Panda”, intricately combines the Chinese martial arts to children with obvious humor. The first two came in 2008 and 2011, and it paid off (charges $ 666 million and $ 632 million respectively), so that the output of the third part was only a matter of time.

“Kung Fu Panda 3″ was launched in the US and Canada, with the first place at the box office, earning for the weekend from 29 to 31 January $ 41 million.

In fact, the victory of the cartoon or public prediction is not needed – and all so it was obvious. So I competed third “Panda” in fact only with their previous installments, trying to get ahead of them at least on some indicator. And it just did not happen. “Kung Fu Panda 3″ earned at the start of one and a half times less than the first film (he had $ 60.2 million), and less than the second ($ 47.6 million). Of course, you can refer to the fact that the first two parts were published in a more opportune time – the end of May and beginning of June and the end of January is considered by distributors almost dead season. But in this case, DreamWorks are to blame. Originally the third adventures were to come out in late December 2015, but then the company afraid of competition with the new “Star Wars” (possibly true) and moved the premiere in March 2016. But then the very beginning of the blockbuster season, something did not suit – and “Panda” went to entertain the kids in January.

The Russian “Kung Fu Panda 3″ on forecast also takes the first place, having collected about 400 million rubles.

But the main achievement is to make a cartoon in China – The local charges first time in history can get ahead of the American. If the calculations of analysts are correct, then Chinese revenue pattern will amount to approximately $ 60 million.

Western Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, “Survivor”, last week the head of the US box office, according to the results of last weekend was second, earning the US and Canada $ 12.4 million. Total fees paintings now make $ 247.6 million, and it is almost paid back spent on its production of $ 135 million. However, with great success, “Survivor” performs a different task – Leonardo DiCaprio brings prizes for playing trapper Hugh Glass . “Golden Globe” award from the Screen Actors Guild, and a real chance to finally get “Oscar”. Let the fifth attempt.

The film JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: The Awakening forces “virtually ceased to collect noteworthy sum at the box office around the world. Hopes for China did not materialize – fan base there was much less than expected (and perhaps influenced almost month delay in release), so that the seventh episode of the legendary Space franchise has not even crossed two billion mark in worldwide box office. Of course, the picture will make this an important step in the near future – is now her charges are $ 1.983 billion.

A earned in the United States this weekend for $ 10.7 million was enough even for third place at the box office.

The best of the new releases this weekend, managed to rise only in the fourth place – turned out to be lucky based on a true story thriller “The Sound of the storm.” The film is about how the Coast Guard in 1952, trying to rescue the crews of two ships caught in a violent storm. Trying filmmakers convey the catastrophe on the screen earned mixed reviews from critics (59% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and a rather sluggish welcome viewers who put the film rated “A -».

Over its first weekend of “Sound of the storm” has earned only $ 10.3 million, while the budget picture is estimated at $ 80 million.

On the other hand, other premieres this weekend in fact failed. Comedy “Fifty shades of black” only managed to climb to ninth place with $ 6.2 million; it parodied the story of the famous bestseller EL James and his film adaptation, but with black actors. Apparently, this fact and has played a negative role in the box office – a recent Oscar scandal with accusations of the American Academy of discrimination by skin color could not get past the spectators. However, perhaps it’s just a bad movie – and to assess its Russian film fans will be able to simultaneously “A Sound of Thunder” – February 4.

A rounded out the top-5 of the American hire “Mission in Miami” – a sequel to the “Joint Trip “two years ago. This police comedy with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have paid off – the world’s charges $ 88 million at 40 million budget, and get into the top five this weekend it allowed revenues of $ 8.3 million. Recall that in Russia “the Mission in Miami” will wait until the end of March.


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