Monday, January 25, 2016

Ryan Reynolds: Because Deadpool turned to cool Russian – Russian newspaper

US actor Ryan Reynolds, who flew to Moscow on the eve of the premiere of “Deadpool”, in which he plays the lead role, met with Russian journalists and spoke about his impressions of the country.

– I love Russia and Russian think one of the coolest people on the planet – said the actor. – I really like Moscow, yesterday I strolled through the capital with his brother. Yet I have never been in St. Petersburg, really want to go in this city. It is a pity that the promotional tour of “Deadpool” does not include a trip there.

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After that Reynolds has admitted that he wants to try authentic Russian vodka, but still tasting alcohol in our country, he did not have time to start.

– This is to come Canada and not drink beer – joked the actor. – It would be necessary, probably to make up for dinner.

Some surveys about Deadpool – another comic book characters Marvel, moved to the big screen – also were linked with Russia. Actor, for example, asked his hero could settle here.

– Of Deadpool turned to cool Russian – said Reynolds. – I have, however, a feeling that you asked him to leave the country within a few years. I know that the Russian often fall into different binders. Deadpool would have occupied the night life of the capital and brought here rustle.

Reynolds also said that the idea to make a film about Deadpool – mercenaries who as a result of the experiment gains the ability to fast-track recovery – appeared in 2009. Then Reynolds appeared in the image of Deadpool in the movie “Wolverine” (part of the universe “People X”).

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– The script “Deadpool” we wrote six years ago, there is little in it that has changed. The film was a strange way to the audience – said the actor. – Studio reject it, and then they gave us a little money, we completed the script, and then did a little test, which the studio is also ignored for three years. Eighteen months ago, it was leaked to the Internet, and the fans were delighted. Fans made this film, because of them he even came out.

The “Deadpool” Ryan acted not only as a leading actor, but also as a producer, so about the production of the filming, he also speaks with great hunting.

– The budget of “Deadpool” was much smaller than the other superhero films, so our main task was to make the movie look at the $ 150 million, but the cost in this case is much cheaper. Every penny had to be shown on the screen. But it adds creativity. We would like to have turned a tear-off item, the fans were happy. Hopefully, we did it.

Rate efforts Reynolds and debuting in full meter director Tim Miller will be on February 11 – the day “Deadpool” will be released.

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