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in the Theater. Mayakovsky premiere of “Russian romance” – Russian newspaper

Premiere of “Russian novel” in the Theater. Mayakovsky. According to the biography of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina”. 23, 24 January, 2 February 13.

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The “Russian novel” Mindaugas Karbauskis present at the scene of the life of the writer as a novel. The play, based on the memoirs of contemporaries of Leo Nikolayevich and his diaries, specially created for the Theatre. Mayakovsky. This is the second collaboration of director Mindaugas Karbauskis and Lithuanian playwright Marius Ivaškevičius – the first in the “Mayakovskaya” appeared his work on Kant, which was originally in fact been ordered Eimuntas Nekrosius, but he did not take it. A “Russian novel” was already the result of dialogue and friendship, artistic director of the Theatre. Mayakovsky with the playwright: “I read” Anna Karenina, “Marius was reading a biography of Tolstoy. Here’s happened a complicated story,” – revealed the technology of collective creativity Mindaugas Karbauskis.

Marius Ivaškevičius several years studied the biography of Tolstoy, talked with researchers his creativity. Facts of Life classic in his play turned out to be vitally intertwined with the events of the novel “Anna Karenina”. Real people converge at different times and situations, literary characters, dramatic conflicts of the novels are closely related to the personal life of the writer. In this kind of literary-family saga, according to the playwright, “Leo Tolstoy is not only as the author of his masterpiece, but also as the author of his own family drama. There are novels, built on the author’s life. But there are those who in the future building the author’s life. Or it breaks. And then in the merger of the real author and art becomes the most tragic figure in his creations “.

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At the center of the story – his wife Countess Tolstoy. The role of the wife of a genius play Evgenia Simonova. “We wanted to tell about the latter, the tragic stage of Tolstoy when he conceived and carried out flight from the family nest, – says the actress. – Behind the remaining years of absolute family happiness. But we wanted to show, no matter how strange love story – with all its complexity relationship with his wife, sometimes even hatred, resentment and mutual claims. ”
 As promised, the reality rhymes and scenes from “Anna Karenina” will border on insanity wife genius to get lost somewhere in the pages of his novel. Together with the sons and daughters of Countess will try to win from Oblonskys Karenins and in the fate of her husband and find out whose story first: his literary lovers or her own. Artistic space built by the author of scenography Sergei Barkhin.

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