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People’s Artist of Russia Vera Glagolev. Biography – TASS

FILE-TASS / Valery Korneev /. Vera Glagoleva was born January 31, 1956 in Moscow. Father – Vitaly Pavlovich Glagolev (1930-2007), a teacher of physics and biology, the mother – Galina Naumovna Glagoleva (1929-2010) – worked as a teacher of elementary grades, was then deputy director of the Moscow Palace of Pioneers on the Sparrow Hills. Faith was the second child in the family (older brother – Boris).

In 1962-1966. He lived in the GDR (now – Germany), where the parents worked in the school when a group of Soviet troops.

In 1974, she graduated from high school in Moscow. Archery, performed for the youth team of the capital, 16-year-old became the master of the sport of shooting.

Soon after graduation Glagoleva at the invitation of a friend came to the studio “Mosfilm”, where it was noticed by actor and director Rodion Nakhapetov. He invited her to play the role of a girl Sims in his film “On the edge of the world …” (1975). The film’s success led Vera Glagolev refuse to continue his sports career and devote himself to cinema. In 1976, she married Rodion Nahapetova.

In 1977 he played the role of Varya in the film Anatoly Efros “On Thursday and Never Again”, after which the director invited her to work in the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. However, she refused, as she says, then sorry.

In the 1970s – 1980s. Glagoleva starred in many movies. According to critics, her acting roles – fragile, sublime and poetic, but at the same time spiritually strong and independent woman. The wide popularity of the actress came in 1985, after the release of melodrama Vitaly Melnikov “To marry the captain” where Glagoleva played with Victor Proskurin. For the role of Lena in the film, she was recognized as the best actress in 1986 in a poll of the magazine “Soviet Screen”.

Do not get professional acting education Glagoleva performed roles in nearly 50 films and TV movies, including scenes “Sincerely …” (1985), “descended from heaven” (1986), “Poor Sasha” (1997) TV series “Maroseyka, 12″ (2000) and others.

directorial debut of Vera Glagoleva became psychological melodrama “Broken Light” (1990) of unemployed actors. However, at the end of shooting the picture did not come out to hire because of the complexities of copyright, the audience could see it only after 11 years. After the failure with the release of “Broken World” Glagoleva many years was not engaged in directing. Next her work – the drama “Order” – came only in 2005, it Glagoleva acted as scriptwriter. A year later, she took melodrama “Ferris wheel”, which received in 2008. Grand Prix of the First All-Russian film festival “Golden Phoenix” in Smolensk.

In 2010, rolling out her film “One War” about the fate of women during World War II, in 2012 – the melodrama “casual acquaintances”.

The tape “Two Women” (2014), based on the play by Ivan Turgenev’s “A Month in the Country” Vera Glagoleva created as a screenwriter, director and producer.

theater work Glagoleva – “Pose emigrant” (1998, Theater of Anton Chekhov); “Russian Roulette. Female version” (1999, entreprise “Mosfilm-TV”), “Under the Blue Sky” (2006, Studio Theatre Oleg Tabakov).

Was a jury of TV games KVN (with 2008).

In 2011-2014. led one of the workshops of Theatre faculty of the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting “Ostankino” (MITRO).

A member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

People’s Artist of Russia (2011), winner of numerous awards of Russian and foreign film festivals, including the ten awards for drama “One War” (“Golden Nymph” 50th Festival in Monte Carlo for Best Director, the Grand Prix and the Audience Award at the 17th festival of Russian cinema in the French Honfleur, etc.). .

She is married and has three daughters. In 1976-1989 gg. She was married to actor and director Rodion Nahapetova (b. 1944). Since 1990 she married to businessman Cyril Shubsky (b. 1964). Daughters Anna Nahapetova (b. 1978), an actress, a dancer of the Bolshoi Theatre; Nahapetova Maria (b. 1980), a specialist in computer graphics; Nastasya Shubsky (b. 1993), a graduate of VGIK, the actress.


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