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The capital’s doctors gave advice on the prevention of swine flu – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Wash your hands, wear a mask in anxiety symptoms immediately contact the specialists

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« We need to prepare for a meeting with this disaster, “- the press-conference dedicated to the situation with the start of the flu epidemic in Russia, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova was extremely serious. It confirmed the fears and rumors – yes, our country has come a very unpleasant pandemic influenza, causing severe complications and lightning carries a high mortality. However, we can be saved from his own and protect their loved ones.

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With the H1N1 flu, we know from the time of the pandemic of 2009 – just a couple of years, it was christened the season and almost all of the past few years he has held The prevailing position in the structure of the circulating influenza viruses. Yet, as explained by “MK” Popov, now in Russia came back exactly the kind of swine H1N1, which decimated the people in 2009. “Then in our country died nearly 1,300 people, while in the previous couple of years 54 and 57, respectively, . Now our country is precisely the pandemic swine flu virus. In Ukraine, fell ill more than 6% of the population, the situation is very difficult. In Kiev, the educational institutions are closed for quarantine. In Russia, we identify pandemic H1N1 in the 42% of cases of respiratory infections, it is very much. Moreover – there were even more severe mutations, for example, EH1N1 ».

Today, the epidemic threshold in 13 regions of the country. Moscow and Moscow region in their number is not included. Popov explained by the fact that the capital is quite high vaccination coverage, which creates a good immune stratum of the population: “The vaccine this season, the World Health Organization pandemic is included, so that the vaccine gives good protection. All cases of complications, which are now fixed, recorded mainly in unvaccinated people. ” According to the forecasts of Rospotrebnadzor in the coming days, the number of cases will only grow – it is inevitable.

By the way, in the border with Ukraine Russian regions, the epidemic threshold for influenza is not exceeded, however, as noted by the chief sanitary doctor of the country, there are more of all hospital admissions for severe complications of influenza, especially in pregnant women. Recall that the pandemic swine H1N1 virus is fraught instantly developing viral pneumonia. Furthermore, it can give serious complications in the kidney, myocardium. And it changes the formula of blood, so fraught with the development of thrombosis, which is also on the part of the patients die.

Photo: Ivan Skripal

With the more likely that the virus affects weak people – children, the elderly, pregnant women, diabetics, chronic diseases of lung , obesity. These groups are the most vulnerable to the risk of rapid development of complications. It begins as a sudden illness – a sharp rise in temperature and cough. It appears constrained breathing, severe intoxication is often nausea and vomiting. Runny nose when H1N1 is rare.

The best way to protect against this flu, epidemiologists called vaccination, but now, alas, too late to get vaccinated. Therefore, physicians are urged to respect the rules of hygiene. Namely – as often as possible to wash your hands and face, especially when traveling in public transport. Gargle and rinse the nose as much as possible every 4 hours. If it works perfectly at all to leave the house, but if this is not possible, in public places wearing disposable masks (change every 4 hours!). “And it is very important to process the surface of their gadgets – mobile phones, aypadov etc., As well as points – they survive perfectly viruses. Wipe them with cloths “- call in Rospotrebnadzor. In addition, for preventing possible poprinimat vitamin C, honey and antivirals. But most importantly, repeat sanitary doctors – not engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment. At the first symptoms of a cold call your doctor. “Today, no time to lose – the virus is extremely dangerous, complications occur immediately. Therefore, as soon as possible, seek medical help. The doctor will prescribe you drugs – thank God, today in our pharmacies have medicines with proven antiviral activity to H1N1. Medical Network is ready to receive patients – even in November we have prepared a back-up beds, “- said Popov.

The swine flu today, is relevant not only for Ukraine and Russia – the epidemic began in 9 European countries, and another 10 are on it threshold. In Poland, only for the first week of January it registered 63,000 new cases. The complicated situation in Latvia where vaccinated against influenza for only 1% of the population. In addition, it is widespread (68% of all respiratory viruses) in the United States.

– The situation forced us to intensify efforts to fight the flu, for example, to strengthen the work of quarantine checkpoints at airports and on the borders of the country, reinforced work on public awareness, – said Anna Popova.

… In the meantime, the main infectious diseases in Moscow Nikolai Malyshev nothing extraordinary in the situation with the flu today, does not see “About any new modification of the swine flu, I did not hear – it For several years the familiar H1N1. Any influenza, no matter how he was called, unfortunately, can produce serious complications that can lead to death. This epidemic season is no different from previous ones. Now the incidence of influenza and SARS gradually increasing, which is not surprising – recently children and adults, we have returned from vacation and began to closely interact in groups. Swine flu, which has long been called the season, no more aggressive than usual. In general, today in the structure of respiratory viruses in the flu Moscow is about 10%, the rest – parainfluenza, adenovirus, RSV, and others. So there is nothing terrible and horrible happens ».


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