Friday, January 22, 2016

Legacy Jeanne Friske kidnapped – Dni.Ru

The Rusyond charity that raised money for treatment of the singer Zhanna Friske, it is believed that part of the funds could have been stolen. The fact that the organization has not received reports of where left 21 million rubles.

Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press Pravda Komsomolskaya

Lawyers charity Rusfond believe that the money for the treatment of Jeanne Friske stolen. In this connection, the fund sent to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation with a request to the application to open a criminal investigation into the theft. “By the time of the death of Jeanne Friske about 21 million rubles were still lying on her account, – quotes an excerpt from the statement of the legal service of the fund’s website,” Komsomolskaya Pravda “. – But the information we have, money could be transferred to the accounts of third parties . In this case, no official documents that the money spent, Rusfond not received, though not only had the right but was obliged to receive them under a contract with Jeanne Friske, actions and after her death “.

The statement noted that to resolve the dispute out of court could not, “the inheritance of the singer: Moscow apartment, a country house in the suburbs and the personal bank account – claimed her father Vladimir Frisco, mother Olga Kopylova (Frisco) and young son Platon , which represents the interests of the common-law husband of the singer Dmitry Shepelev. In the address heirs of Joan, joined the inheritance rights of December 16, 2015, Rusfond directed requirements to report spending more than 20 million rubles . However, no response was received. The results are not given and the notice requirements Rusfond, presented by the notary who made out the will of Joan. As a result, pre-trial settlement of the dispute failed. Article 582 of the Civil Code says that the use of donated property in accordance with the purpose indicated by the donor gives the right to demand the abolition of the donor donations. Notification of cancellation of donations sent Rusfond heirs. The answer is still no. In view of the above circumstances, January 20 Rusfond sent to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation statement with a request to initiate criminal proceedings on the embezzlement of funds “.

As the newspaper reminds, Zhanna Friske died on 16 June last year from brain cancer. When it became aware of the deadly illness, the fans of Joan and good people through the first channel and Rusfond raised money for treatment. Meanwhile Rusfond and Friske October 19, 2014 the contract was made donations. According to this agreement and transferred the money to the account. The amount of impressive – more than 25 million rubles (more precisely – 25,011,790 rubles.). One of the mandatory conditions of the contract was the requirement to provide a report on the performance of . If the report is not, the money must be repaid in full to the fund.

Even when Jeanne was alive, relatives of the singer presented documents about spent 4,120,959 rubles. And the remaining amount – 20,890,831 rubles – reports presented were not. Therefore, there is strong reason to believe that the money from the account singer disappeared.


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