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Valentin Serov, of course, our all, but why break the door? – Russian newspaper

In the last couple of days, reports from the approaches to the Tretyakov Gallery began to resemble a summary of incidents. On the eve of the last day of the exhibition Serov January 24 turns all lengthened, and on Thursday night it was reported that people who defend the cold for 4.5 hours, Tretyakov began to take by storm.

Some of the doors were almost squeezed out (the truth Information will vary – either broken, or bent, but the guards called the police). At the same time, shouting “Open up!”, The second stage of the users, relying on the advantages of electronic tickets has become a second press on the door. They did not succumb. The degree of love for all the beautiful rose. On the morning of the opening of the exhibition invited reinforced police to guard the entrance, “ambulance” and organized the distribution of hot drinks. TG offered to help the MOE, which has deployed a tent for heating. Military Historical Society, in turn, provided a field kitchen. Because of the bad news – it closes the online sale of tickets to the exhibition to 25 numbers. From good – everything is electronic tickets purchased are valid.

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On the results of the landmark exhibition of Valentin Serov says the director of the Tretyakov Gallery Zelfira Tregulova.

More than 400 thousand people visited the exhibition Serov – convincing figure. Tretyakov Gallery has extended the exhibition, but with such enthusiasm of the public did not want to extend one more time?

Zelfira Tregulova: Yes, we extended it, but we, and opened later than intended – because of the repair of the roof of the hall. Those who were on the night of museums in the State Tretyakov Gallery on May 16 remember well the bucket, standing in the hall Deineka. This is a serious our problem. I’m not ashamed to talk about it, because we are solving it. Of course, taking the exhibition Serov, we had to be sure that no leaks anywhere. Extend another exhibition, we can not, unfortunately. A significant part of the exhibition – is the graphics. 150 graphic works can not expose more than three months.

Also, keep in mind many watercolors, drawings already show before the exhibition “Serov portrait” in the Russian Museum for a long time. We have no right to expose these masterpieces risk. But I want to remind you that the 50 paintings Serov, who formed the core of this exhibition can be seen in our rooms in Lavrushinsky Lane. We immediately after the exhibition will return them to their place in these halls. We will make special signs “To Serov.” You climb the stairs to the permanent exhibition, doing 20 steps and find yourself right in front of “The Girl with Peaches”.

The one in front of which visitors to the exhibition were in “traffic jam.”

Zelfira Tregulova: It is. I want to assure you that they have never been in front of this painting in the hall of Serov in Lavrushinsky Lane. All are welcome in these halls where you can see the top 50 master paintings: from the “Girl with Peaches” to the brilliant portrait of Henrietta Leopoldovna Ghirshman. To be honest, this is my favorite rooms. I go there often, especially if you need photography for some publications. I can testify that more than 10-15 people at a time I have not seen. Yes, it’s more intimate format of the meeting with the artist, but is it prevents estimate the scale?

In an interview, you said that this success was a surprise for you. But the recipe for a blockbuster exhibitions still exists.

Zelfira Tregulova: Of course. I insisted on a change of theme-exposition plan and complete redesign of the exhibition design. I wanted a man who came to the exhibition turned out to be a huge bright space where once seen very different work. Space to be built on the diagonals rather than right angles, creating a closed “white cubes”. To the visitor gasped, “Wow, how different Serov!”. I saw the faces of visitors. For me, they are perhaps the most important figures. Although the numbers are very important, I will not deceive.

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But the interest in the exhibition, in my opinion, also an indication of how art is necessary for people in today’s very difficult, very stressful situation, a situation of growth of aggressiveness in the society. People come back to the realization that a meeting with the real art, emotion and joy that it gives, helps to survive and remain human. You can not create an exhibition only for intellectuals, or do just populist show. You have to do the exhibition, which is open to everyone something different. More specifically, the viewer can see the importance for him. Whether it is a fan of modern art or an extreme conservative.

And for you what was most important in the work of Serov? It seems that you have decided to focus on the numerous portraits of royal family?

Zelfira Tregulova: Come on! What are you speaking about! Although they were of interest to many. I, for example, are interested in the aesthetics of his paintings, the accuracy of the psychological characteristics of his characters, the development of the artist. There are the famous words of Grabar, in the history of art Serov, from “Girl with Peaches”, written by 22-year-old man to the modernist portrait of Ida Rubinstein, finished it in 45 years, keeps the whole history of Russian art of the time. It’s true. His death was interrupted by some incredible way to take off … was a complex man.

is not very good, even if judged only by the portraits.

Zelfira Tregulova: You know, not sure. I think in his heart he was very vulnerable, fragile. It is very noble. But with an incredibly sharp look. Note the model, knowing that they will receive is not flattering characterization, were prepared to sit a hundred sessions in the hope of a portrait by Serov.

Are there any sales figures of the electronic catalog? Product-book was very expensive 2700 rubles.

Zelfira Tregulova: Yes, but we have sold eight and a half thousand books. With a circulation of nine thousand. We have a cheer went souvenirs.

T-shirts with “Girl with Peaches”?

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Zelfira Tregulova: Yes, and t-shirts, and svitshoty. There was even a funny svitshot internet meme “Girls with Peaches.” The numbers of sales of the electronic catalog do not know yet.

Solution swing on three floors justified itself?

Zelfira Tregulova: Absolutely.

But this scale suggests an opportunity to return time and again …

Zelfira Tregulova: People came two or three times.

But when the doors almost demolished and you have to stand in line four hours by frost, it is not so simple.

Zelfira Tregulova: At some point, we hyped sale of electronic tickets. Initially we sold 70 e-tickets per day. Now – 800-900 tickets per day.

Yes, and lined up second place.

Zelfira Tregulova : I understand. Not enough terminals. I get sick all the cashiers – cold in the lobby. It has to be reconstructed to where it was warm. Thank God, now already there is a cafe, shop. But we can not let the halls more than a certain number of people.

About the sale of tickets for a specific time, for sessions that thought?

Zelfira Tregulova: We are very seriously considering this possibility, particularly in relation to imported shows – from London’s National Portrait Gallery, and from the Vatican Pinacoteca. They will be in the Engineering Building. There is much more space is limited. In addition, we are launching in the near future sale of electronic tickets on preferential pension certificate. But the license will need to show at the entrance.

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Entrance to the National Portrait Gallery in London is free, and you have the exhibition there will be an extra charge?

Zelfira Tregulova: Keyword – exhibition. Entrance to the exhibition (!) In the National Portrait Gallery, for an extra charge. Just as the National Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts. On permanent display – yes, free. But the show – a lot of money: insurance, logistics … No Me free admission to the public exhibition can not afford. Incidentally, we have a Wednesday – a day free entrance to the permanent exhibition on the Crimean shaft. We did a free entrance to the exhibition of Simon Ushakov – January 6 and 7, at Christmas. We did a free visit house-museums of the Tretyakov Gallery, including the Anne Golubkina, Viktor Vasnetsov, all 10 days of the holidays.

Is there no desire to show the exhibition Serov abroad as establish contacts, such as the National Portrait Gallery.

Zelfira Tregulova: a great desire. But this is a very difficult task. In Europe, it podverstyvayut or under seats, or under Sargent. Not by chance in 1906 at the exhibition of Russian art in Paris, organized by Diaghilev, the audience crowded around the works Vrubel, but Serov. It was after this show, he began to look for other ways. But Serov Sargent. I would like to show it in a different way.

His work is evaluated as salon art?

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Zelfira Tregulova: To be more precise, they see primarily a genre salon-portraiture. Although Serov has much more. We’re working on it. To quote Martin Luther King: “I have a dream”. Given the fact that I wrote about Serov diploma, “I have a dream” for a long time. Serov is underestimated in our country. And it may well be an important result of this exhibition is that it shows: Valentin Serov – the great Russian artist who is relevant today. Do not be afraid of these definitions, talking about it. Maybe it is the most universal figure of turn of the century. Even against the backdrop of a powerful Repin and the background of the impact that had on the art world of the twentieth century ideas and creativity Malevich …


157 863 people have visited the exhibition “Design 007: 50 Years of James Bond style” (MMAM 2014)

160 thousand people have seen the exhibition by Natalia Goncharova (THG 2013)

167 948 people were at the show Julia Margaret Cameron (MMAM 2014)

215 000 people visited the exhibition of Konstantin Korovin (TG 2012)

236 000 people – an exhibition of Pablo Picasso (Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, 2010)

270 thousand people visited the exhibition of Salvador Dali (Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, 2011)

291 000 people – exhibition of Isaac Levitan (TG 2010)

300 000 visitors – at the exhibition “Moscow – Berlin” (Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, 1996)

311 100 people saw the “Mona Lisa” from the Louvre (the Pushkin Museum, 1974)

363 800 people came to the exhibition “Titian from the museums of Italy” (Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, 2013)

444 600 people – the exhibition “Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde” (Pushkin Museum. Alexander Pushkin, 2013)

More than 400 thousand people visited the exhibition of Valentin Serov for 3.5 months (TG, 2015-2016)

632 352 people – Festival “Fashion and Style in Photography 2015″ (MMAM and other platforms, 2015)

655 028 people have visited exhibition “Moscow – Paris. 1900-1930 “(Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, 1981)

1 200 000 people attended the farewell exhibition of paintings of the Dresden Gallery in 3 and a half months (Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, 1955)

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