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George Clooney Film Academy accused of discrimination – BBC Russian

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Image caption Clooney offers to look at the problem from a different angle: how many opportunities for non-white actors to play in good movies?

The American actor George Clooney believes that the Film Academy “is moving in the wrong direction.” He thus joined the debate about the lack of racial and ethnic diversity among the nominees for the “Oscar” of the year.

For the second year in a row in the list of nominees there are only white actors. Film director Spike Lee, actress Jada Pinkett Smith have said they would boycott the awards ceremony, which will be held February 28, 2016.

joined the protests actress Lupita Nyong’o, received the 2014 “Oscar” for supporting actress in the movie “12 Years a Slave”.

After the announcement of the boycott of the ceremony the stars of the first magnitude, president of the Academy Cheryl Boone Isaacs called for a revision of the rules of admission of new members киноакадемию.


Из Who to choose?

“Rootless animals”

In the drama, in the center of the action is – boy, orphaned and forced to join the team mercenaries in West Africa, very good reviews from critics and audiences. And Idris Elba, who played in the movie until two nominations for the prize “Golden Globe” award and BAFTA BAFTA. But not a single nomination for “Oscar”.

“Creed Legacy Rocky”

The picture reappears legendary Rocky and Sylvester Stallone, who has returned to Rocky image, has two nominations for “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”. However, his partner, a black actor Michael B. Jordan, who played the son of former rival Rocky – no one.

“Voice of the streets”

biopic dedicated group NWA, at the time revolutionized the hip-hop music in the first weekend of hire in the USA has raised more than $ 56 million, although the filmmakers relied on half the amount. In the tape has a nomination for “Oscar” for best screenplay. However, critics of this “Oscar” point to the fact that all the writers who worked on the film – white.


The film, based on real events , tells the story of how Dr. Bennett Omalu, played by Will Smith, found a link between chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and death of the players of the National Football League. Will Smith has already received a nomination for the “Golden Globe”, but was not included in the list of Oscar nominees. His wife Jada Pinkett Smith posted on his “Facebook” video message, which announces that it will boycott the current церемонию.


Джордж Clooney, was twice winner of the “Oscar”, in an interview with Variety said: “We need to work better. Before, we worked well. If you look at what it was 10 years ago, you will see that the Academy cope with it better. I think that the problem of who you nominiruete much smaller than the other: a large whether the choice of the representatives of minorities in the movies, especially good films? “

Clooney believes that the protest of black actors just” the movie industry does not provide them ample opportunity “. He is confident that such films as “Creed Legacy Rocky,” “Defender”, “Rootless beasts” and “Voice of the streets,” deserve greater number of nominations.

Image caption Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore also outraged choice kinoakademikov

“Remember in 2004, then to the” Oscars “were nominated for black actors: Don Chiddl, Morgan Freeman . And suddenly it turns out that we are going in the wrong direction. The nominees were, but their names were left on the table “.

” And by the way, we are only talking about blacks. For Spanish-speaking actors even worse. We need to work on it “.

The black actor David Oyelowo, who played in the drama” Selma “, believes that the Academy is not representative, in terms of its President, members of the academy and throughout the country.

joined the protests and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

“The idea that in the last two years of the 40 actors nominated for the award, there was not a black man, it seems to me insane. So if my voice will consider me a party to boycott, “- said the director.

The composition of the Academy includes 6,300 people, their vote to decide who will be nominated for” Oscar “.

In 2012, the Los Angeles Times conducted a survey of who is a member of the American Film Academy. The survey involved 5,100 members of the Academy, 89% of those voting. Here are some results of this study:

  • 94% of academics are representatives of white Caucasians and 77% of them – men, another 2% – blacks, and less than 2% are Hispanic.
  • The average age of kinoakademikov – 62 years. People younger than 50 years old account for only 14% of the total number of respondents.
  • Some of the 15 departments of the Academy Award consist almost entirely of white men. White leaves 90% or more in every department of the Academy, with the exception of acting, where the white a little less – 88%.
  • Five departments (including cinematography and visual effects) from 15 to 90% are made up of men.

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