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Film Award “Golden Eagle 2016 ‘: unexpected victors, the best outfits of the stars and other details of the ceremony – – Internet for women

On January 29 studio “Mosfilm” in the 14 th time ceremony was held national film “Golden Eagle”. The main trumfatorom evening unexpectedly even for itself became director Anna Melikyan. No awards have not gone Julia Peresild, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Maria Kozhevnikova, Nikita Mikhalkov and other stars.

The award “Golden Eagle” – one of the main events in the Russian cinema. The main competitors for the prizes began painting “About Love” by Anna Melikyan, “Batalon” Dmitry Meshieva, “The Battle of Sebastopol,” Sergei Mokritskiy, “The End of a Beautiful Era” by Stanislav Govorukhin and “Dear Hans, Dear Peter,” Alexander Mindadze – they are, in fact, divided between almost all statues. The clear leader as last year (painting “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev – approx. at this time was not, so really intrigue remained until the end. Is that Julia Peresild victory in the category “Best Actress in a Film” was originally almost no one was never in doubt, although with her on the “eagle” claimed Mary Aronov (“Batalon”) and Renata Litvinova (“About Love”). The latter felt that will not win, so the ceremony was late and did not hurry to part with a gray coat, under which thousands of sequins shimmered silver dress. But Anna Melikyan flair summarized as she sincerely believes that is presented in the main nomination only to “dilute the serious men».

“I know exactly that will give nothing, so calm and relaxed, “- smiling, admitted before the action director. Anna, maybe not the most titled in our country, but in terms of style gives way except that the above-mentioned colleague, Renata Litvinova.

But the main national film star to compete, as you know, is simply impossible. However, in the hall at Melikyan has been a lot of support, including in the face of a business woman Xenia Chilingarov, noting that “About Love” – ​​is worthy in every respect a movie.

Actress Maria Kozhevnikova and Julia Peresild that seem looked even slimmer than usual (although too much slimmer!) chosen for important events elegant monochrome dresses. Peresild came to the pavilion now as victor.

Beauty Svetlana Hodchenkova, dressed in a black outfit, came just glad for colleagues in the film “The End of a Beautiful Era” and will no longer counts – her fashion and jewelry brands is loved more than kinoakademiki. For the first time in a long time it came out a couple Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev and the deputy Alexander Khinshtein led by the hand into the room his wife, actress Paul Poliakov, appeared in the evening in the form of “pink princess».

Actress Agnes Ditkovskite showed photographers a cheeky cut on her dress. Unusually feminine and seductive outfit even chose one of the co-host of the ceremony, Lisa Arzamasova – “father’s daughter” grew up, what to say.

But the young mother Marina Alexandrova, by contrast, the figure is not stress – a statuette for her role in the TV series “Catherine” star took in a simple white shirt and skirt volume. And in the hall of her happy husband, the director of the First Channel Boltenko Andrew, who tried not to get into any camera.

Kuznetsova Agnes is betting on the painting “Berdmen” nominated in the category “Best Foreign Film in the Russian hire” and its counterpart, Viktor Tolstoganova, brilliantly played in the TV series “The Executioner.” It is worth noting that in both cases the celebrity was not mistaken. TV presenter Daria Zlatopolsky rooting for Fedor Bondarchuk, qualify for the “Best Actor” and Julia Peresild and also not wrong. In general, the intuition of many famous women running smoothly.
«Golden Eagle” this year was more dynamic and shorter than the previous ceremony.

The director shows Felix Mikhailov did not let the honored filmmakers to read poetry, to remember the youth and tell stories (20 minutes each), for which he was grateful to the whole room.

Still, one scenario has not done: from the scene joked about swine flu (the theme of the economic crisis was exhausted even the last time), many children’s father Andrew Merzlikin received congratulations on the birth of their fourth child, and director Rezo Gigineshvili and actress Nadezhda Mikhalkov even demonstrated their vocal abilities. Daughter Nikita Mikhalkov sang an excerpt from the title song for the drama “Burnt by the Sun”, and her husband sang the theme song from the movie “Emmanuelle».

In the end of the action film director Nikita Mikhalkov He received a special prize “For the contribution to world cinema” and asked to get all those with whom he worked and worked, thus emphasizing that the prestigious award – is the result of collective work. Meanwhile, at the award-winning cinematographer of the home (or in the studio?) Had already collected a whole flock of “eagles”.

Well, a pleasant surprise was the final victory of the film “About Love” – ​​perhaps the only picture of the nominees, which has no relation to the war. Thus academics seem to have given us, mere spectators to understand that love conquers all. And politics and war, and even death. And it is difficult to argue, anyway.

A full list of winners of the prize “Golden Eagle-2016»:

Best Feature Film – “About love” Anna Melikyan
Special Prize “for his contributions to world cinema” – Nikita Mikhalkov
Best Director – Stanislav Govorukhin, “The End of a Beautiful Era”
Best Screenplay – Alexander Mindadze, “Honey Hans, Dear Peter »
Best Actress in a movie – Yulia Peresild,” The Battle of Sevastopol »
Best Actor in the film – Fyodor Bondarchuk,” Ghost »
Best Actress – Maria Kozhevnikova, “Batalon»
Best Actor – Dmitry Astrakhan, “The End of Belle Epoque»
Best TV movie or mini-series (10 episodes) – “The Executioner”, Vyacheslav Nikiforov, Channel
The best TV film (more than 10 series) – “Catherine,” Alexander Baranov, Ramil Sabitov, “Russia»
Best Actress on Television – Victoria Tolstoganova, “The Executioner»
Best Actor on TV – Andrew Smolyakov, “The Executioner»
Best Cinematography – Yuri King, “The Battle of Sevastopol»
Best Art Director – Valentin Gidulyanov, “The End of Belle Epoque»
Best Costume Designer – Natalya Moneva, “The End of Belle Epoque»
The best music for the film – Yuri Poteenko “Batalon»
Best Film Editing – Maria Sergeenko “Batalon»
Best Sound – Anatoly Belozerov, “Batalon »
The best non-fiction films -” Varlam Shalamov. The experience of the young man, “Paul Petchenkin
Best animated film -” Three heroes: The Knight “, Konstantin Feoktistov

The best foreign film at the Russian box office -” Berdmen “Alejandro González Iñárritu


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