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Khodorkovsky and Valeria: meeting exploded internet – BBC Russian

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Image caption Concert Valerie widely publicized in London

Unexpected neighborhood on one of London photos of former Yukos owner Mikhail Khodorkovsky, singer Valeria, her husband Joseph Prigogine and chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov shocked ðóíåò.

“Do not turn the photo into a manifesto of political views. This is a photograph household. Only the heads of idiots and hysterical, she turns into a manifesto or change positions,” – said Venediktov Asked The Question.

Khodorkovsky himself felt that a distinction between people on the line, “rukopozhatnosti” – a direct path to civil war.

“[Head of Rosneft Igor] Sechin me personally difficult, but if it will save on unnecessary blood – shake hands! “- Asked Timur Safarov founder of” Open Russia “.

The surge of emotions was indeed significant: many opposition members considered the position of the former prisoner of compromise. Supporters of the Kremlin is surprised “act” Valerie and her husband.

“Khodorkovsky – a historical figure”

In an interview with the BBC Russian Service Joseph Prigogine stressed that woke up on Wednesday, he could not imagine that he would meet a Japanese restaurant ex-head of Yukos.

“It is not possible all the time to go and be afraid, like a schoolboy with a cigarette in the bathroom. Our life – large series. In this episode, we met the man. For each one of us this photo – as a memory, no one knows what the story is over. This is a difficult man to his character. He was a historical figure. We briefly exchanged phrases about children and education. It was a very healthy man talk, “- said Prigogine.

According to the producer, he is comfortable with the criticism.

” I treat this philosophically: Yesterday we were called sycophants, today – traitors. We are used to all these roller coaster. Do not look for a black cat in a black room. Any artist nice when anyone, not to mention Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a compliment to the appearance and creativity of the artist. The meeting was touching. This is his strength – he is able to ignore the prejudice and to assess the situation wisely, “- said in an interview with Prigogine

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Khodorkovsky calls feel kinship between compatriots

The wife Prigogine Valero, who on Thursday should act at London’s “Apollo”, only the day before had to deny reports of his own death.

New concert, a new protest

An activist Andrei Sidelnikov has promised to hold protest action during the concert and invited to Khodorkovsky, expressing respect for his work and frustration with the publication of the image.

“Civil boycott for these characters – this is not incitement civil war, and the only possible moral position, “- he writes Sidelnikov, who participated in a protest in front of the previous concert artiste in London.

pozaproshlogodnie concert Valerie in London’s Royal Albert Hall was marked by protests by both Russians and Ukrainians , claimed that Prigogine and his wife approved of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Producer Valerie gave a sharp rebuff Sidelnikov.

“forbade us to speak in any country want psevdooppozitsioner slackers – I did it I call, which must somehow justify their existence in London. He gives us an assessment without any basis. It never ever was wounded in the right, he wants to attract attention and to apply for citizenship as a political refugee. We have an opinion. Why in London no one wants the death of Sean Connery for his desire to separate Scotland? The advantage of the United Kingdom – there are no restrictions. We have no prejudices on certain issues, “- said Joseph Prigogine in an interview with

The singer Valeria long history of relations with Britain: in 2008, she led the promo campaign the album Incontrollable, which should was, according to the band singer to be her breakthrough on the British market, but the disc did not hit in the British charts.

“No blood, and cranberry juice”

The original photo Khodorkovsky, Valeria and Prigogine and Venediktov has acquired numerous fotozhabu.

“It was like this. Khodorkovsky graduated from dinner at a restaurant, paid, went to the closet, and then hop! Valery jumps and sharp heel of his foot – hryas – begins. And then – bang – on both sides of Prigogine, Venediktov and props. Prigogine hisses – Come smile, and then it all breaks the heel of your leg. And then because of the people coming out of the column and oiled appearance ayfonchikom bang! This is in my opinion the most realistic explanation, “- joking literary critic Anna Narinsky believing that Khodorkovsky entered incorrectly.

A well-known in the blogosphere figure Bozena Rynska noted that it was the sad picture of Khodorkovsky, stressing that he respects it anyway.

“When you” fotkat “a scoundrel, you are showing everyone that they do for fun, and you – fun. This is supposedly the scene we – the Montagues and the Capulets, and in the life of something right now, we go to drink beer together. And the blood is not blood, and cranberry juice, do not cry, little children, “- she wrote in her” Facebook “.

Khodorkovsky answered personally Bozhenov then delighted columnist has posted his response to the social network.

“Here I am, for example, being a man of simple family, techie finally convict, who 10 years could choose to go to a concert, just like Valeria. I listened to her almost every day, years. It reminded me of home and I told her I can forgive everything if she needs my forgiveness, “- said, among other things, the businessman, adding that the maturity of a society is measured by the ability to compromise (original spelling preserved).

So who sings Valeria?

“These gray face do not inspire confidence, now I know who sings singer Valeria” – says Zemfira in the song “Nebomoreoblaka” in 2005.

On Thursday, this quote regularly remembered in the context of shared photos.

Image copyright Getty
Image caption Valeria performs on stage for 25 years

“Coming time malyata , will pray at Masha Baronov, when a Russian human rights protection begins to answer Valeria! “, – the journalist writes” Kommersant “Ilya Barabanov, he became the hero of a similar scandal last year.

Then, in social networks spread photos in which journalists Russian opposition publications, among which was the drums and beaten in the Donbass correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” Paul Kanygin made a group picture with the ex-leader of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” Alexander Boroday.

Photo has caused considerable resonance, and questions about journalistic ethics. Paul Kanygin personally apologized for the frame. However, many commentators have pointed out that since the journalist should be “above the fray” nothing wrong with the picture was not.

Suddenly Machiavelli

In the opposite political camp also seething passion in the respect of Prigogine and Valeria twice acts as a trustee of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Head Holding News Media Aram Gabrelyanov in an angry tweet named Prigogine “Makhachkala Machiavelli”.

“From love to hate – one step” – hastened to reply producer.

“I Called Prigogine. He threatened,” – said in his “Twitter” pro-Kremlin writer Ilias Mercury. Reports of threats are not subsequently confirmed.

The representative of the singer Oleg Gazmanov, who, like Valerie, the Latvian Foreign Ministry has not given the green light to travel to the festival “New Wave” in Jurmala, told BBC Russian Service, that the singer does not give the personal comments about the resonant photos, and forwarded to his account in the “Twitter”.

“At last! The Kremlin has found a way to neutralize the leaders of the opposition!” – he writes the author of the hit “Esaul”, ironically suggesting that the opposition will turn against Khodorkovsky Venediktov, and they themselves will not be allowed to Latvia and the Ukraine.


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