Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Putin: work on the fight against corruption is very, very much – BBC News

At the bribes necessary to select illegally acquired property. So said Vladimir Putin. Today, he chaired a meeting of the Anti-Corruption Council. To make rapid progress in the fight against this evil is difficult, but the difficulties-not a reason to give up.

Now in corruption cases are not the attributes of the sweet life is more than just material evidence. The mountains of money, a collection of antiques, pricey fleets … Coming out of prison, caught stealing official, as a rule, returned to his riches. But it seems now all ill-gotten will take.

The president insists on the introduction of almost forgotten penalty – confiscation of property.

“It is necessary to return the assets illegally or illegally derived in other jurisdictions, – said the head of state . – An important issue – compensation for damage caused by corrupt officials. According to statistics, from 15.5 billion rubles to be recovered in cases of corruption in the last year managed to return only 588 million rubles. Agree, this is quite a modest sum “.

In the past year for corruption crimes condemned about nine thousand people. Even more under investigation. The Kremlin is closely following the affairs of embezzlers. The meeting heard a specific position and names.

The former deputy governor of the Chelyabinsk region Sandakov, according to the investigation, received a bribe, to lobby for the interests of regional media officials familiar. The scandal in the government of Yaroslavl region. Nepotism. Relatives have worked together and shared the money on government contracts. Taking advantage of official position, help her. The problems of ordinary people more often decide for bribes or kickbacks.

“People are faced with corruption on the ground, the so-called petty corruption. In general, the work here is very, very much. And the question is not whether to today Tomorrow achieve striking some victories in this field. Perhaps this is a difficult task. It may even be difficult to achieve. But if we stop, it will be worse. The move should be just ahead. Once again, the responsibility for reducing corruption in the territories are heads of subjects of the Federation “, – Putin said.

Those who profit from the budget, to help find and activists of the Popular Front. The program for the purchase of fair revealed on multimillion-dollar sum of officials from regions bought overseas charters, rent a luxury car.

Made public figures and rating extravagance. Not the easiest budget year, the regional authorities was seen off in a big way. Khabarovsk Krai Government of the Sakhalin area Sunset few New Year’s banquet and a half, two tables were even three million rubles. The menu coconut soup, salmon mousse.

The Kremlin said the extravagance keep pace with corruption. And the law is often bypasses gray schemes. For example, using a third party. One gives a bribe, the other takes a mediator between them. And it turns out that everything to do with it.

The head of the presidential administration, Sergei Ivanov noted that the need to provide official property records as soon as they enter the civil service. That will allow in the future to track how honestly worked the ones commonly referred to as “public servants.” This will avoid conflicts and situations. He commented, and appeared in the media accusations of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, who, in his words, “jigger not stand”.

A few days ago a representative of the US Treasury in the interview with the BBC accused of corruption Vladimir Putin. No evidence has been provided, and a spokesman for the head of state has called these statements a lie. Sergei Ivanov said that there is nothing to comment on.

Corruption – the theme of the patient for all countries. It is so acute that to combat it adopted a special UN convention. The Russian leader said that legislation to correct the situation enough. We need to change people’s attitude to those who give and take bribes.

The proposals made at the meeting of the Board will be included in a national anti-corruption plan.

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