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Biography of Georgi Taratorkin – TASS

TASS-DOSSIER /Inna Klimacheva/. 4 Feb on 73-m to year of life after long illness died people’s artist of Russia Georgy Taratorkin. This was reported in the Mossovet Theatre, where he served as actor.

Georgi Georgievich Taratorkin was born on January 11, 1945 in Leningrad in the family of George G. (1917-1952) and Nina Alexandrovna (1921-1971) Taratorkin.

In 1966 he graduated from drama school at the Leningrad state theater of young spectators (TYUZ; now Saint Petersburg state Theater of young spectators them. A. A. Bryantsev), the rate of Zinovy Korogodsky.

From 1966 to 1974 he was an actor Leningrad youth theater, which at that time was headed by Zinovy Korogodsky. George Taratorkin has played in performances of “dedicated to You” (role – Vitaly Romadin), “breath of freedom” (Nicholas I), “After the execution, please…” (Peter Schmidt), “the Host” (Alexei Peshkov), “Boris Godunov” (Boris), “hamlet” (hamlet), “His people – are numbered” (Podkhalyuzin).

In 1974 he moved to Moscow and began to serve in the State academic theatre of Mossovet. Was busy in the performances of “They fought for the Motherland” (role – archers), “Petersburg dreams” (Raskolnikov), “the Day of arrival – day of departure” (Petrov), “Version” (Alexander Blok), “the Brothers Karamazov” (Ivan), “the Living corpse” (Karenin), “Breakfast with the unknown” (Old), “do Not awake Madam” (Julien Palus), etc. In the 2016-2017 season. played deion in the production of “Roman Comedy” Paul Chomsky (on the play by Leonid Zorin) and Victor Mikhailovich in the play “the Silver age” by Yuri Eremin (based on the play by Mikhail Roshchin).

Also participated in productions of other theaters: the Devils (Stavrogin), Moscow Pushkin Theater, “Kolchak” (Admiral) of the Irkutsk academic drama theatre named after N. P. Theater and theatrical companies the play “Sylvia” (Greg) Open theatre Julia Malacalza (Moscow).

widely known as a film actor. Debuted in the movie “Sophia Perovskaya” (1967) directed by Leo Arnshtama. The most famous kinorabotoy was the role of Rodion Raskolnikov in the film by Lev Kulidzhanov “Crime and punishment” (1969), the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Appeared in over 70 films, television movies and television series. Among them are “matters of the heart” (1970), “Purely English murder” (1974), “the Winner” (1976), “Deviation – zero” (1977), “Small tragedy” (1979), “Cyrano de Bergerac (1983), “We cannot predict” (1984), “Rich man, poor man” (1983), “the Last story” (1986), “the Living corpse” (1987), “the Devil incarnate” (1991), “Not born beautiful” (2005), “Mysterious passion” (2015).

In 1992 he directed the film “that was” and he played a major role in it.

Since 1996, taught at the Russian state Institute of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK), was the artistic Director of the actors Studio.

he was the first Secretary of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia (1996), the permanent President award and festival “Golden Mask” (since the establishment in 1993).

people’s artist of the RSFSR (1984).

the winner of the State prize of the RSFSR behalf of the Vasilyev brothers (1971; for the role of Raskolnikov in “Crime and punishment”).

Awarded the order “badge of Honor” (1971), Honor (1998), “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree (2005).

were married. Wife – Catherine G. Markova (b. 1946), actress, screenwriter. Son Philip (b. 1974), was an Orthodox priest. Daughter – Anna (genus. 1982), actress.0сау/Sik.

breaking news

George Taratorkin

4 Feb, 11:14

Died George Taratorkin

4 Feb, 11:14

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February 4, 10:17

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February 4, 5:50

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February 4, 5:50

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February 4, 3:24


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