Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Director of the Hermitage explained the arrival of FSB surveillance of the rogues-builders – Interfax

Moscow. 2 Feb. INTERFAX.RU the Hermitage is in contact with the FSB on the issue of control over the construction of the Museum, said Director Mikhail Piotrovsky.

“In the Hermitage a lot of construction, almost all construction successful. About the construction sites we with the FSB in contact constantly, they monitor all our buildings from the start, check our documents. Because the terms of rogues, in particular, in the construction field. Need to get them to work before they go bankrupt,” – said Mikhail Piotrovsky, at a press conference in “Interfax”.

“as for visits, the FSB, that there is nothing to comment. There is text on the website of the Hermitage was carried out investigative actions. No papers we have with the FSB and we are in contact. To inform about what they are interested in, I have no authority,” – said Director of the Hermitage.

Piotrovsky said that the Hermitage “is constantly in the courts, demanding penalties from the ones from other companies.” “Tens of millions of rubles we managed to get penalties,” he said. In his opinion, the current law on which tenders win “the most unknown, the most inept”, that was bad.

“within a month we will invite you to our project: the Exchange will tell, that is done, then the Old Village, then in a Spare house which is almost ready. It is important that everything was done well, the result is important to us”, – said Mikhail Piotrovsky.

As reported, on January 31, law enforcement agencies, including the FSB, held the event at the Hermitage. The media noted that it could be about the contract for the construction of the second phase of the storage facility at Staraya Derevnya. TV channel “Russia 24″ said that the contract for the construction of size more than 3.5 billion rubles was signed in December 2015, with the capital company “Mekhstroytrans”, which was involved in the so-called “Ministry of culture”.

“last year, the company received an advance of about 1 billion rubles, but the work is far behind schedule, subcontractors were not received for the performance of work money, for this reason there were many publications, but the Hermitage was reassured that the builders catch up. However, the company is heading for bankruptcy – these days the Moscow arbitration court must consider the claim about a recognition the company bankrupt and appoint a liquidator. Therefore, all information available to journalists for documents on the construction of this object”, – stated in the material channel.


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