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Died the oldest actress of Russia – the Truth.Ru

February 3, was not the legendary actress-travesti, honored artist of the RSFSR Zoe Fedorovna Bulgakova. She died on the 103rd year of life. Zoe Bulgakov was the oldest Russian actress.

Zoe Bulgakov was born in Novo-Nikolaevsk 24 December 1914 in a large family. Her father was a coachman, her mother raised five children. In the Novosibirsk theatre of young spectator, which is now known as the globe theatre, she began playing in the 1930s, becoming one of the first graduates of its theatre Studio. She played in the children’s theatre 30 years, on account of Zoe Bulgakova more than 70 roles. Particularly well the actress managed to play the role of “transvestite”, that is, to perform the role of children.

In 1932, graduated from Studio of Novosibirsk theatre of the young spectator (now the Novosibirsk theatre “globe”). In 19303-1960 years I served actress-drag Queen in the Novosibirsk youth Theatre.

the Name Zoe Fedorovna entered in the Gold book of culture of the Novosibirsk region as the winner of the regional award “Honor and dignity” (2001).

the Role of little red riding hood Zoe Bulgakov performed in theater productions from different years, from 1937 until 1955, three years she played Gerda in “Snow Queen.” Among her roles included traditional children’s theatre puss in boots, the little humpbacked Horse, the snow maiden, Cinderella, Bunny-zaznayka and what he is.

“I’ve played boys and girls, — said Zoya Bulgakov. — The role of “travesty” is a rarity in the theater, so of dormancy, I have never felt. By the way, the role of boys I was always better than the girls. Maybe because my character battle: on the roofs, trees and fences I climbed sometimes better than other boys”.

In 1935 the Novosibirsk youth theatre put its first tale “the little humpbacked Horse,” in which Zoe Bulgakov played a major role a fantastic friend Ivan humpbacked Horse. For “Skate” on the stage of the theatre came: “Blue bird” by M. Maeterlinck (1936), “Red riding Hood” (1937), “puss in boots” by L. F. Makariev by Charles Perrault (1938), “Snezhnaya Koroleva” (1939).

In 1940, the play “the snow Queen” was shown in Moscow at the First all-Union competition of children’s theatres, which brought Novosibirsk tyuzu first big creative recognition, and where Bulgakova-Gerda the performance was owes its success with the audience. In the same year, the actress will play his only “adult” fairytale role of snow white in the spring and the tale of the great Russian playwright A. N. Ostrovsky reports on the website of the Novosibirsk youth theatre.

the Actress was invited to Moscow. There in 1946, Bulgakova played the role of a young Queen in a fairy tale of S. Marshak “Twelve months”. The author of the play Samuel Marshak is so like the game Bulgakova, it is specifically for her, added the text in roles. However, the actress did not want to stay in Moscow. The play was nominated for the Stalin (State) award. On review of children’s theatres in Moscow the role of the Queen in the play “Twelve months” again brought her Union recognition.

Art Bulgakova was inherent in the touching sincerity and lyricism, virtuosity intonation with which she introduced the audience into the atmosphere of fairy tales, infecting his bright vision of its poetic system and a light sense of humor.

the Actress was awarded the prize “man of the year” in the field of culture and art for his great contribution to the development of theatrical art and culture of the city (1999), medal “For valiant labor in the great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.”, the medal “Veteran of labor”.

In 55 years, Bulgakov left the theatre. According to the actress, she didn’t want to deceive the viewer, and preferred to remain a child in the children’s memory.

farewell to the actress will take place on 6 February 2017, in the Novosibirsk Actor’s House.

the House of the actor: here begins the theater


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