Sunday, February 5, 2017

Nyusha refused to participate in “Eurovision” – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Passion around the name of the Russian artist, which this year will represent our country at the Eurovision song contest in Kiev, not that tense – breaks out every day stronger. Despite the fact that the deadline is the First channel in a month, still trying to understand and figure out who will go to Ukraine an honorable mission in such difficult times for both countries the time. After Lazarev last year, condemned for political reasons by the jury of the participating countries, this time should go to the people with nerves of steel and at least the caller claims. Ideal, in principle, the candidate was (and is) Alexander Panayotov, a native of Zaporozh ye (and this is the loyalty of the audience), with a beautiful voice and charisma.

But a few days ago, we learned the names of the other artists whose candidacies are being considered for participation in the Eurovision song contest in may. This is “Soprano Turkish”, Elena Temnikova, singer Nyusha and Darya Antonuk. First and foremost, we decided to chat with Jane and see if she can combine work with a mentor in the children’s “Voice” and to participate in the competition, which brutally have to prepare? To our surprise, the singer refused Eurovision. And it turns out that for the children.

- Now in my creative life a very difficult period. Besides the fact that I’m recording my third solo album, which will consist of two records, I became a mentor show “the Voice. Children.” I have already assembled my team and we have a lot of work. Sorry, just don’t have enough time and no idea how to prepare the serious room. Because Eurovision is such a big competition. I need to write a song and make a memorable performance. Unfortunately, in all events, I physically do not have time.

How you do the chair mentor?

I love children. And a good idea of how they’re nervous. I started singing at the age of five, and at age 8 he wrote his first song “Night”. So I will be maximum to support them and explain what our competition is only the first step, and they have yet to be found. I will try to be their friend, which they will not be afraid and which will go forward.


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