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“Truly great artist”: cultural workers remember George Taratorkin – TASS

MOSCOW, February 4. /TASS/. The Chairman of the Union of theatrical figures (STD) the Russian Federation Alexander Kalyagin has called the death of George Taratorkin a great loss to theatrical art and the entire theater community.

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George Taratorkin

“I took care of G. G. Jacobson as a personal loss,” – TASS said Kalyagin. “Taratorkin was a wonderful actor. Best Raskolnikov was not there,” said Kalyagin. His work on stage and in the movies received the highest rating and viewers, and critics, but this, according to Kalyagin, not limited to merits Taratorkin.

“Taratorkin was the man with whom we together after Mikhail Ulyanov, came to senior positions in the STD. At the Congress in 1996, I was elected Chairman, Taratorkin became my Deputy – said Kaliagin. The times were hard, poor, to work in such conditions in the field of theatre was difficult. But Taratorkin was a faithful friend, working with him was easy.”

According to Chairman of the STD, he always felt the support of his Deputy. “Even the fact that he was just sitting next to, has helped,” admitted Kalyagin, emphasizing that for him Taratorkin was a true friend.

Kalyagin reminded that Taratorkin for a long time headed the National theatre award “Golden mask”. “A troublesome position. That Golden mask was saved, largely due to Taratorkin,” – said the head of STD.

“a serious illness has reduced earth’s path Taratorkin, but we are still alive, will remember you, our dear George G.”, – concluded the Kalyagin.

“a Modest and wise man”

Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky expressed his condolences to the families Taratorkin. This is stated in the telegram of condolence on behalf of the Minister directed to the families and colleagues of the artist.

“a Gallery of brilliantly played roles filled with a variety of images – this legendary Raskolnikov from “Crime and punishment”, and Robert Warbeck from “Midsomer murders”, Dmitry Lvov from the “Open book” and many others. Truly a great actor, wonderfully intelligent, modest and wise man, he always treated the problems of the Russian dramatic theatre and was worried about its fate”, – said the Minister.

Death of a remarkable artist

the Art Director of theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin and his team mourn the death Taratorkin.

“I Learned of the passing of a remarkable artist, with rare kindness, decency and intelligence of the man, theatre worker, friend, – is spoken in the message of the team of “Satirikon” on his page in social network Facebook. – Crying and my sincere condolences to dear George G…. Konstantin Raikin “Satyricon”.

Dazzling creative legacy

Actor of the Mossovet George Taratorkin has left a great artistic heritage, told TASS actor Victor Sukhorukov.

“Taratorkin… left a great artistic heritage, which people will long remember,” he noted.

the Latest work Taratorkin on the stage of the Mossovet Theatre, where he served since 1974, was the role of the rebel poet-intellectual of Dion, the performance of “Roman Comedy” based on the play by Leonid Zorin directed by Paul Chomsky.

“In this performance, I was a partner Taratorkin, played the role of its antipode – the Emperor Domitian,” – said Sukhorukov, stressing that “Roman Comedy” made specially for the 70th anniversary of Georgi Taratorkin, which he noted in 2015.

“I serve in the Theater of the Moscow Soviet, but only one was found on the scene with George by Taratorkina, and this meeting was unforgettable for me”, – said Sukhorukov. “I am proud that he was a partner of such outstanding masters”, he added.

“We’ve successfully played “Roman Comedy”, for which he received the prize of spectator sympathies “Star of the theatre”, said Sukhorukov. Really wanted to show this performance in St. Petersburg, the hometown of George Taratorkin. But not yet”.

George Taratorkin died 4 Feb on 73-m to year of life after heavy illness. “Farewell to George G. will be held on Monday, February 6, in the Mossovet Theatre, it will begin at 11:00 Moscow time, – said TASS informed in the press service of the theater. – The funeral will take place on the same day at Troekurov cemetery”.

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