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The gallery extends the exhibition from the Vatican Museums in 10 days – TASS

MOSCOW, January 31. /Offset. TASS Svetlana Yankina/. Tretyakov gallery extends by 10 days the exhibition “Roma Aeterna. Masterpieces Of The Vatican Picture Gallery. Bellini, Raphael, Caravaggio”, which was supposed to close on February 19 and enters in this period, a special mode of operation – the Museum will be open weekends and until 9 PM. TASS said today the Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova.

“Very pleased that the new Director of the Vatican Museums Barbara Yatta, who was present at our opening ceremony as the Deputy Director, quickly responded to our appeal and agreed to extend the exhibition. We have decided to extend it from 20 February to 1 March inclusive,” said Tregulova.

In this regard, in the Tretyakov gallery canceled a traditional weekend on Mondays, operation mode changes as well – now the Museum will be open till 9 PM no Thursday through Sunday and all week. Last batch of tickets will go on sale February 10 at the box office of the Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft, online sales will begin at noon on February 17.

According to Tregulova, the extension of such a massive project is associated with significant financial costs.

“you Can imagine what the insurance rating of this exhibition, and any extension and postponement of the return of the artwork – additional costs that are assumed which help in organizing the exhibition Fund of Alisher Usmanov “the Art, science and sport”, – said the Director of the Tretyakov gallery.

In Moscow brought a tenth of the works of art from the collection of the Pinakothek Vatican, where there are about 470 paintings. Paintings by Caravaggio, Raphael, Giovanni Bellini, Guercino, Pietro Perugino and Guido Reni very rarely leave the Vatican, so every time their display is becoming a sensation in the art world.

the Phenomenon of success

After the two previous major exhibitions in the Tretyakov gallery, Valentin Serov and Ivan Aivazovsky, the current show also is incredibly popular. Coming to the selling party tickets to “Roma Aeterna. Masterpieces Of The Vatican Picture Gallery. Bellini, Raphael, Caravaggio,” was sold out immediately.

“I Have a few explanations to this phenomenon: indeed, this is the most representative exhibition from the collection of the Vatican Museums, which ever was shown abroad, all artworks taken off the walls of the pinacotheca of the Vatican, none of the things from the storage. What we took with our Italian colleagues for the exhibition is the greatest work of art, regardless of their format,” said Tregulova.

in addition, she continued, “many realize that the opportunity of such close contact with these works is unique. Here are beautiful surroundings and exposed to the light, the architecture of the exhibition. This allows you to see anew even those who have seen them in the Vatican.”

the Museum Also produced a retrospective of Italian films for the exhibition in the framework of the program “Cinema in the gallery”, the screenings will be held from 3 February to 21 February. Among the films that will be seen by the audience – “Birds big and small” by pier Paolo Pasolini, “the Messiah” Roberto Rossellini and “Francis of Assisi” by Liliana Cavani.

Safety first

Speaking of attendance, Tregulova said that we should not compare her to hit a record, an exhibition by Ivan Aivazovsky, which was held in the more spacious halls of the Museum on the Crimean Shaft. Safety standards and climate dictate the conditions, therefore, the project “Roma Aeterna” – “is not about breakthrough records”.

“We should be very hard to adhere to clear standards for the number of people that can simultaneously be in the halls to ensure the safety of the works and to ensure that climatic conditions did not change and was not leaps from the influx of visitors,” she explained.

in addition, even with that level of bandwidth for 100 people per session every hour and a half, visitors have 10 minutes to stand at pictures and wait for the rest of the audience parted and they can see a work of art.

“So the exhibition will look exactly as many people as possible. Because the renewal is not such a large number of tickets and we probably won’t be able to satisfy everyone who wanted to see this exhibition. But this is due to the compliance with the most stringent safety standards,” said Tregulova.

As previously reported by TASS in connection with the exhibition they were strengthened: in the halls became more supervisors, there is always the employee of security service of the Tretyakov gallery were also reinforced police checkpoints.

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