Thursday, February 9, 2017

Unexpected turn in the case Shepeleva and Korchevnikov – Days.Ru

On TV channel “Russia” commented on changes in the program “live”. And please do not make hasty conclusions.

the Situation surrounding the change of host of the popular talk show on TV channel “Russia” becomes more and more confusing. As reported Dni.Ru before it became known that Boris korchevnikov leaves the program. As possible reasons for such a decision, the sources named personal circumstances and the leading health problems in 2015, Boris said that he had undergone surgery to remove a brain tumor.

There is also information about the new host project. Supposedly they will be Dmitry Shepelev, who previously led a “property of the Republic” on “the First channel”. He only added fuel to the fire, saying in your account in Instagram: “Well. I think my protracted “vacation” came to an end. The new host of “live” on TV channel “Russia”. Start in March. If not me, who?”

However in a press-TV channel service “Russia” considers it premature to say anything and give comments. “The whole mediasonic that unfolded around this story, provoked not by us, and lies on the conscience of those who started it, – said the correspondent of Dni.Ru the representatives of the channel. – No decision has been made, a new format of the program has not been discussed. It may well be that korchevnikov and the seven dwarfs will work together to conduct “live”. But all this is at the level of talks and no official statements on this occasion did not do.”

Author: Felix Grozdanov

February 9, 2017, 13:42


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