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Ninety-year anniversary of the “Lenkom”: Zaharov “the monument was erected” – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, 1 Feb – RIA Novosti. Anna Gorbachova. Night “Crystal bouquet “Lenkom”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the iconic Moscow theater, was held on the famous stage on Tuesday, artistic Director of theatre Mark Zakharov and the actors of the troupe congratulated on the phone by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the gala evening of the “Lenkom”, gathered famous cultural figures, officials and businessmen. The hall was attended by Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravsky, the Minister of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky, Director of the foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin, General Director of Bolshoi theatre Vladimir urin, head of “Sberbank of Russia” German Gref, the President of Fund “SKOLKOVO” Victor Vekselberg, the singer Alexander Gradsky, conductor Vladimir Spivakov and many others.

“I one day took his departure from Moscow because he felt it his duty to come and thank the theatre. All that has happened here, has increased the scale of life”, — told reporters before the start of the action Spivakov.

the congratulations joined the artistic Director of another theater, actor Armen Jigarkhanyan, who in 60-e years of the last century, served in the Moscow theater of the Lenin Komsomol.

“the Theatres are now experiencing difficult times, I want to “Lenkom” lived the same number of years,” congratulated the colleagues on shop Dzhigarkhanyan.

Actor Nikolai Karachentsov and his wife, actress Lyudmila Porgina at the jubilee evening dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the “Lenkom”. 31 Jan 2017

From the Tram to the Lenkom

the First on the scene jumped, waving flag of the Komsomol and the red army performed by the young generation “lenkorantsev”.

“the Headquarters of the anarchists here?”- asked the Commissioner.

“On the face look, of course, they’re all here,” declared the representative of the working youth.

In 1927 under the patronage of the Komsomol organization was opened in the Theatre of working youth (TRAM), in 1938 it was renamed to the Theatre of the Lenin Komsomol, which was headed by Ivan Bersenyev. In the current building of the former merchant club TRAM moved in 1933.

Actor Dmitry Pevtsov at the jubilee evening dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the “Lenkom”. 31 Jan 2017

the Name of the theatre was played by the actor Victor Verzhbitsky, appeared on the scene in the image of Lenin with a wooden bronowicka on a string. “In this building, I spoke at the III Congress of the Komsomol. Theatre for a long time was my name, and now – Lenkom — three letters left, so my name will live on,” expressed confidence “the leader of the world proletariat.”

Crystal rose from Turandot

Expressive of the revolutionaries on the stage was replaced by Chinese royalty and by the representative of the Russian nobility: Princess Turandot performed by Alexandra Zakharova and actor Victor Rakov in the image of count Rezanov – the hero of the famous rock-Opera “Juno and Avos”.

Turandot and Rezanov, on behalf of the theatrical award “crystal Turandot”, awarded the prizes – a crystal rose, a leading theater actors: Leonid Bronevoi, Inna Churikova, Dmitry Pevtsov, Sergey Lazarev, Yuri Kolychev, Sergey Stepanchenko, Elena saninas and others.

the hall was attended by the first performer of the role of count Rezanova – actor Nikolay Karachentsov with the wife Lyudmyla Parginos. The actor received the award to thunderous applause from the standing room.

Actors Anton Shagin and Alla Yuganova at the jubilee evening dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the “Lenkom”. 31 Jan 2017

Alexander Zbruev, setting aside its “crystal rose”, and took the reply, saying that he could not but to go on stage. Zbruev in his speech recalled the founder of the theater Berseneva, all luminaries and jurukov “Lenkom”.

“I’ve been here for 55 years. When I arrived, the theater celebrated its 35th anniversary, it was directed by the great Director Anatoly Efros, without led, but who came into contact with him, will always equate themselves on the level that he asked, putting in three years of nine performances. Since 1973 it is directed by the great mark Zakharov! This room is popular for 90 years… Congratulations to all!” said Zbruev.

He remembered how, as a young, rehearsed together with the actors Alexander Shirvindt and Leonid Kanevsky, also served in the “Lenkom”. “Alexander Shirvindt played an extra in the play “wedding day”, and now he is the artistic Director of theater of Satire,” said Zbruev and read a verse dedicated to all the actors.

mark, take us in “Lenkom”!

the Ensemble “Styrene” under the direction of Shakespeare not long to wait. Shirvindt also remembered his first role in “Lenkom”.

Artistic Director of theatre “Lenkom” mark Zakharov at the jubilee evening dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the theater. 31 Jan 2017

“My line “Men, by what vain roam around the village?” by social power I nothing more powerful has not played,” the actor sneered. He joked that mark Zakharov, when he was appointed artistic Director of “Lenkom” I do not even know where the theater is located.

“But he knew that I play there,” said town. The ensemble performed the song “Traffic complaints”, which, according to Shakespeare, loved to sing Zakharov. According to the artistic Director of the theater “Satire”, not getting into music was because musicians tried to preserve the “author’s performance Zakharova”.

Witty video greeting sent “Lenkom” the actors of the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov. In the images of sailors in white “underwear” from the play “Juno and Avos” he begged Zakharova: “mark, take us in “Lenkom”!.. Well, in the Theater “Maybe”!” — soloed Igor Vernik, Igor zolotovitski. They also went on stage to personally congratulate the theatre and the troupe presented a food basket for the Banquet.

Actress Alexandra Zakharova at the jubilee evening dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the “Lenkom”. 31 Jan 2017

Pushkin and the place of power

on behalf of Alexander Pushkin, a monument which is adjacent to the theater, “Lenk” congratulated the artistic Director of the Variety Theatre Gennady Khazanov.

“at Least about “Lenkom” Posner asks me, I will answer proudly: “Yes, we were bonding! No wonder my monument stands next to the theatre, just do not understand why, and why me to the “Lenkom” turned backwards” — recited Khazanov, after the verse “Pushkin” on a pathetic note: “Zakharov, the monument was erected, it has not overgrown popular trail.”

the curtain of crystal statuette Turandot handed Zakharov in the presence on stage of the entire company.

“I want to thank the moment when I was appointed here as a supervisor and Director, but from the Director I then was able to Dodge… I was lucky — it is a very strong place on the body of Moscow — Pushkinskaya square, the space exploded of the Sretensky monastery and the adjoining Church of the Nativity of the virgin in Putinki, which was restored by forces of the theatre,” thanked fate Zakharov.

Actor Ivan Agapov at the jubilee evening dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the “Lenkom”. 31 Jan 2017

After the ceremony in the foyer of the theater there was a celebratory Banquet. “I just got a call by Russian President Vladimir Putin and congratulated all of us on the anniversary,” — said the guests attending the event and theatre troupe artistic Director and declared the buffet open.


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