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Zapesotsky: losing vigilance rectors slipped the letter with the requirement to pass Isaac ROC – Fontanka.Ru

the head of the University of trade unions Alexander Zapesotsky sure that the St. Petersburg rectors of the signatories of the February 7 Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg the letter with a request to transfer the St. Isaac Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church Easter, was influenced by some of the “products” or does not know what they were doing. This opinion he expressed on 9 February on his page on Facebook.

according Zapesotsky, he, as responsible for public relations of the Council of rectors of St. Petersburg in this action “poured the water as he could.” “Because, as the Council of rectors were not to blame. Several rectors as ordinary citizens have signed a demand to immediately transfer the Cathedral Church. Complete nonsense, because even technically to do this quickly is impossible”, – says the head of the PMU.

He also paints in detail how 22 St. Petersburg rector left the autographs on the letter to the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko about the acceleration of the transfer of Isaac. If the initiator of the appeal was “a great representative of the intelligentsia of St. Petersburg Vasily Nikolaevich Kichedzhi, he is the greatest artist and sculptor of our time, governing the respective University.” According to Zapesotsky, head of the Academy named Stieglitz and former Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg puzzled group of rectors, which, in the opinion of the head of the PMU did not fully understand what and where it came from.

“Like what was the name of rectors to the Legislative Assembly of a city for a reception on the occasion of science day. During the reception (corresponding to the case of products) losing vigilance the heads of universities are clever people, and slipped the letter… Some signed!” – surprised Zapesotsky, who claimed to be at the same time “cool as a snake in the pan” in the thoughts of their fellow member.

“it is Easy to imagine what a boom of requests from different religious denominations are waiting for the Russian government in the near future. Who and what will be asked to return where I want to build,” says Zapesotsky, suggesting that theoretically and the staff of the Museum “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” may require the return of the Mariinsky Palace the relatives of the Royal family, brought from thence Sachs.

Despite so unexpectedly manifested a nonconformity Zapesotsky, rector of the Academy of Stieglitz Vasily Kichedzhi has decided not to engage him in discussion. “I view Zapesotsky uninteresting, and the lists of invited to a reception at the Legislative Assembly it was not” – he said “Fontanka”.

Recall that on February 7 at the Mariinsky Palace the speaker of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov congratulated the leaders of St. Petersburg universities science Day. At the end of the meeting, the head of the Council of rectors Vladimir Vasiliev, invited colleagues to sign a letter to the Governor with a request to transfer the St. Isaac Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church for Easter, that is, to 16 April 2017. In the text of the document expressed harsh criticism of those opposing the proposal.

“We believe that the transfer process should be completed as soon as possible to prevent a so-called oppositionists and politicians, and in fact, provocateurs, who use the issue of St. Isaac’s Cathedral as a pretext for fanning tension in the society, and sowing religious discord. It is in their interests to question the legal and moral grounds for the transfer of the Cathedral Church, and to slow down the implementation of the decision to continue public actions aimed at insulting the feelings of Christians,” the letter reads.

Initially, the press service of the Mariinsky Palace said that the letter was signed unanimously by all present at the meeting, however, it later emerged that the rectors of the Forestry engineering Academy Yury Belenki and University of culture and arts, Aleksandr Turgaev did not put in a petition signed.


Information on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church appeared at the end of last year, and on 10 January it was officially announced by St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, saying that the “issue is resolved”. In Smolny issued a decree on the schedule of transfer for free use for 49 years. The theme of the transfer of the Museum of the Church has caused a great resonance in society.

a Number of city deputies, in particular, is known for his graduading activity Boris Vishnevsky, filed in the Central district court of a lawsuit challenging the transfer in connection with the absence of the required written requests from the ROC. However, the court refused to consider the claim on the ground that the impugned order of Committee of property relations is not a decision on the transfer of the buildings of the temple Church. The applicants appealed against the refusal. The online petition against the transfer of Tsar Peter of the Russian Orthodox Church on the website got more than 200 thousand signatures. In support of the Museum said the head of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky, wrote an open letter to Patriarch Kirill.

on 28 January at the Champ de Mars passed several actions related to the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church. According to police, the total number of participants was about 2000 people. Organizers have called other numbers — more than 5 thousand supporters of the preservation of the Museum. At a rally in support of the transfer of the temple Church gathered only a few dozen activists.


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