Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let’s go beat Raikin! Oh, not Pushkin! – Komsomolskaya Pravda

I don’t know what it is, but had a quiet, artistic Director of the theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Mr. now seen in large-scale political fights. Not yet forgotten the recent epic argument about censorship, in which people’s artist publicly grappled with the cultural officials, like – new trouble.

“Raikin called Russia nekrofilskim state” is flashed on the Internet super-news, and bloggers began to stir in predvkushenii massacre. And he began as usual. Measured. With feeling, really, rastanovka. The first artist-embedded, of course, the Deputy Milon

“I Think it (Raikin) really weighs down the title of people’s artist of the country necrophilia. Of course, nekrofilskoe the money he received annually in the form of grants, without which he cannot live, will be to chafe horribly,” said the Deputy.

This interesting idea has spread on the Internet, the fruit on the road the army of riteniamo and (the law of nature, uravnoveshivaetsia any extreme) ricinolein. By all indications it out a little bit more and the deputies will offer nuclear bill to ban something (in the Russian Internet hysterics is now the icing on the cake). Maybe the word “necrophilia”. I do not know. Deputies when revealing the heat — they are not particularly important.

And suddenly state Duma heard.

“If he himself says so, then what the hell is he living here? politically correct has noticed the Deputy and the Director Bortko, and suddenly thoughtfully suggested. – But if it’s part of the show? You never know what you are going to say.

Another Deputy, the Director reply, said cautiously that Raikin was actually quoted Pushkin. And the press Secretary of the President Peskov stood up for Raikin, noting that the actor said, “on the other.”

Everyone rushed to find the source (it’s in the Russian Internet is generally not accepted), discovered an unknown until then, the public edition of the “St. Petersburg avant-garde”, and in it – a modest theatrical review of a solo performance Raikin “Over the farce of the sky.”

“Our city is lean — this is his happiness and unhappiness,” said Raikin. “We nekrofilskie state, it loves the dead more than the living, Then their names are called streets, squares, metro stations, and before that kill”.

It was a modern interpretation of “Boris Godunov” Pushkin

Living mobile power to hate.

They only know how to love the dead

we are Mad, when people’s lapping

Ile ardent cry disturbs our heart!

“And, unfortunately, the way of all Nations,” is explained not understanding, people in this situation to beat (not Pushkin?!), confused the public, the Director Govorukhin.

they were speechless. Puzzled face Milonov.

Absolutely sure that no lesson our violent Internet community, “Canada” three or four of Ranenyh a day from this history will not tolerate.

Because of who she is. Russian Internet is a giant thousands of kilometers shop at the entrance. Sitting on her millions. Comes a tired man from work, he had accumulated irritation different, it runs on the news to find another reptile. Preferably, as the bloggers say, “uncovered”. Already I had gotten into a brawl. I blurted out something. Ile said a word prohibited. Il was not hurt. He nailed a nail on the forehead the label: “Enemy”. Remember. Want to comment? Come on, my dear. Fun.

Or sitting highbrow expert whose profession is to comment on everything, especially without delving into details. The name of it. He paid for the opinion. And that really doesn’t matter.

Or sitting ironic polittehnolog dreaming up and propagate false news (fakes), and even if in comments you write to him: that’s not true, check the source. You don’t notice — and the number of its subscribers is increasing.

And you realize that in the online world where no one’s apologizing, whose memory is like a hamster on pair days, and there is, alas, the modern living and society. Which while a little tact, little desire for the truth, and lots of hatred.

And the society of neuro twitches from these fakes, like a laboratory frog under the category electricity: fleeing journalists, MPs seething with joy and squealing gorging on each other’s throats intellectuals, forced to give comments to a press Secretary of the President!..

Well, except not right Pushkin:

“we are Mad, when people’s lapping

Ile ardent cry disturbs our heart!”


Raikin was justified for “nekrofilskoe Russia”

the Second day has been simmering scandal over provocative performances of people’s artist Russia Konstantin Raikin in the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. There he called Russia a “nekrofilskim state.” After days of silence the art Director of theatre “Satyricon” decided to explain to reporters that he actually had in mind (details)


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