Thursday, February 9, 2017

Boris korchevnikov leaves the talk show “live” on TV channel “Russia” – РЫБИНСКonLine

resignation Korchevnikov, who kept the show in 2013, it was clear long ago. The public today is interested in, than an unhealthy well-known TV presenter.

As written before that Ruposters Life, Dmitry Shepelev admitted that he is afraid to tell her son about the death of his mother, Zhanna Friske. It will replace the role of the artist Boris Korchevnikov.

live” — evening talk show on channel “Rossiya 1“.

media associated with the departure of Boris Korchevnikov with the circumstances in his personal life and health. This year korchevnikov in a Frank interview told about his own struggle with a brain tumor and that went through a difficult surgery. At that time he underwent a serious operation, but the treatment should continue.

Anchorman Dmitry Shepelev will be the new host of the talk show “live” on TV channel “Russia-1″. It is possible that this will be the program with the political context, the leading role which fits perfectly charismatic and not shy of the agenda, the loyalist korchevnikov.

By the way, according to unconfirmed information, the network agreed especially for Dmitry to slightly change the concept of the TV program. Person Dmitry Shepelev often attracts the attention of the public and the media for various reasons: arguments with parents own deceased wife, shared a photo with his son Plato, a book devoted to Janna Friske. Viewers will see first editions of the program with the participation of Shepeleva in early spring.


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