Monday, February 6, 2017

Why Raikin has declared the Russians necrophilia is True.Ru

Director Konstantin Raikin has again criticized Russia. According to him, currently, the country is “nekrofilskie state.”

“we Have nekrofilskie state, it loves the dead more than the living. Then they called names of streets, squares, metro stations, and before that kill” — said the artistic Director of the theater “Satyricon”.

Raikin Also expressed regret due to the fact that, according to him, in Russian society there is no “moral vaccination”, reports “Rosbalt”.

Recall, last fall, who filed the protest voice and sharply criticized the current situation. The head of the “Satyricon” suddenly talking about censorship in response to criticism of the repertoire of his theatre, heard from the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

In turn, the opponents of the Director repeatedly hinted that his attack coincided with the previously voiced a complaint of lack of funding “Satyricon” by the state.

Then the situation commented on his Facebook page head of the media holding Pravda.Ru Vadim Gorshenin.

“If I understand correctly, that Raikin was offended because the state refuses to Fund productions on gay subjects and it is called return to Stalinist times.

Many cultural figures of speech Raikin supported. And for some reason I remembered a famous saying of Stalin about the figures of culture: “the Role of intellectuals — the service, quite honorable, but service”.So, why are they trying to get away from his role?”, he wrote.

“the History is complicated, morganatic relationship of the Ministry of culture and national pillars of the art of modern times worthy of a novel about three rubles, not less. Poor guy Medina did not even know which side to these pillars to approach: “…is NAT a conscience, how the ne go,” as sung in the famous song preperestroika era. The position “gave money away” is so typical of all these “opinion leaders”, that we were beginning to get used to it. What task (note: prepaid problem) to them or put the state, which means no mark — still “output” is an old song about the main thing: our people in the mass, nor that they can not drunk, trash and a redneck, falsified history of the country, terrible past, the present worse no future”, – wrote in his material for Pravda.Ru commentator Andrei Sokolov.

By the way, “Satyricon” is the most unprofitable Russian Federal theatre, and even with the current occupancy rate is about fifty percent. At the same time our generous government in recent years has not only increased such a controversial cultural institution budgetary payments, but also turned a blind eye to highly questionable from the point of view of the law, the business activities of its head and dream.

So, in 2015, the financing of the budget amounted to “Satyricon” impressive amount of 191 million rubles, and this year it has been allocated from the Treasury and even more: there are already 235 million. The government asked the theatre management to put something Patriotic, but Raikin has decided that the theme of homosexual people is more important. Of course, the sponsor expressed some dissatisfaction with the misuse of funds and, in response, received raninsky uniform fit from the rostrum of the VII Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia. Abstracts of the hysteria has long been known, understandable and ysasline any self-respecting “kreakl” up against the wall of the ugly facts: guard, censorship, gagging, choking!

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