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Wall to wall: viewers have quarreled because of the change of host of the show “live” –

15:10, 9 February 2017

For viewers yesterday’s news about the departure of Boris Korchevnikov of the talk show “live” on TV channel “Russia” was a complete surprise. Another surprise was the information that the new host of the program will be Dmitry Shepelev. Releases “Live” with its participation will be broadcast in March, but already now in social networks, passions. Korchevnikov fans arguing with fans Shepeleva, proving that Boris cannot be replaced. In turn, fans of Dmitry foaming at the mouth screaming in the posts: finally “Live” will be pleasant in all respects leading.

Recall that about a new stage in his career Dmitry Shepelev announced in Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author unchanged. — Approx. ed): “Well. I think my protracted “vacation” came to an end. The new host of “live” on TV channel “Russia”. Start in March. If not me, who? :-)” Followers immediately divided into two camps: some genuinely congratulated Shepeleva and wished him luck in his new role.

Loyal fans of the entertainer are sure that is perfectly cope with the role of the leading talk show: “Shepelev — pros of the business. What’s that, and here lead it really good. Always out of awkward situations. Good improvising With a sense of humor all right. And he owns the word!!!” However, some angrily remarked that the phrase “if not me, who?” was clearly unnecessary in the message of Dmitry, and asked the new host of “Live”, it does not hurt if he will work “to people who repeatedly raised the subject of his relations with the family of Jeanne Friske, exposing Shepeleva not in the best light.”

Sounds in the Network, and such an opinion: “Well as so! Boris is good, and you, Dmitry, on the lips of everyone associate with the scandal. As you can read other people’s problems, when you discuss. A leading example should show and not to be itself the subject of discussion.”

the Most high-profile releases of the show “live” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi

the Reasons for the departure of Boris Korchevnikov of the project is unknown. Versions vary, but talking about some personal circumstances that have arisen Korchevnikov, as well as health problems. Two years ago, in 2015, the popular television host gave the interview, which has shocked fans by admitting that he has long struggled with a brain tumor and underwent major surgery. Upon hearing the news of resignation Korchevnikov, his fans are not only upset that will not see the charismatic lead in the air, but also Express their sincere concern about his health.

“Dear Boris, of course very sorry to see you leave with transmission. We kindly ask you from huge number of audience: tell the user, let anybody but Shepelev, it causes negativity… And thank you for your work, I wish you health and success in your new projects!” — write in the comments in the microblog Boris Korchevnikov.

Today, viewers turned to Korchevnikov with a request to give an official comment regarding his departure from the talk show, “live”: “Boris, you need to give the official comment to stop spreading rumors and stupid comments. Visit Shepeleva gloat that you leave the transfer, congratulations with the new position, and Shepelev himself so important. People went mad”.

Fans of the talk show “live” hard to argue in social networks, who is better — korchevnikov or the seven dwarfs?

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