Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Govorukhin said the words Raikin about “nekrofilskoe” Russia – RBC


Drake said the words Raikin about “nekrofilskoe” Russia

the Words of the art Director “the Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin on “nekrofilskom state” applicable to all peoples and not new. This was stated by the Director and the head of the Duma Committee on culture Stanislav Govorukhin, reports “Interfax”.

Govorukhin noted that Raikin “failed to properly quote” a Russian poet, who wrote about this “200 years ago and much more convincingly”. “Living mobile power to hate, they only know how to love the dead” — quoted the Director of Pushkin. He noted that “it’s not the leaders and the people.” “And unfortunately, that’s the way all the peoples,” — said Govorukhin.

on Monday, February 6, edition of “St. Petersburg avant-garde” reported that during a speech at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic society with a solo performance of “Over the sky farce…” Raikin said that Russia — “nekrofilskie state”, as “it loves the dead more than the living.” According to him, in honor of the dead give names to streets, squares, subway stations. “But before this killing,” said Raikin.

on Tuesday, February 7, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the words Raikin and urged not to take them out of context. He noted that “the whole phrase, which invested a different meaning”. Peskov added that if you take apart the word “nekrofilskoe”, it is “not exactly a good word in relation to Russia”, but Raikin said, “on the other.”

He Raikin Peskov confirmed the words that his words were taken out of context, and explained that she is part of the “great poetic play, who plays for 15 years.” According to him, the passage is a “figure of speech”, which is based on a line from Pushkin’s tragedy “Boris Godunov”: “They only know how to love the dead.” Raikin said that he used the passage as a commentary “on the tragic fate of poets” referred to in solo performance.

In address Raikin previously criticized the leader of the biker club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov more known as the Surgeon. In October 2016, commenting on the words Raikin that Russian authorities “do nothing” when activists close down exhibitions and performances, the Surgeon said that “under the guise of freedom, these Raikin want to turn the country into the gutter, where sewage would flow”.

In response, the Kremlin urged the Surgeon to apologize to Raikin. As noted by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, “the devil made me this biker who insulted him”. The surgeon said in response that an apology will not. The leader of “Night wolves” was supported by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. He wrote on his page in Instagram that “don’t quite understand how you can demand from Zaldostanov apology for the opinion that is close to millions of Russians.”


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