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“RG” remembered creative way G. Taratorkin – the Russian Newspaper

On account of his dozens of roles in theater and movies. He played in the Moscow theater. City Council Karenina in “the Living corpse”, Alexander Blok in “Version”, Ivan in “the Brothers Karamazov”, Victor Franz in “the Price”, great Pyotr Schmidt at the Leningrad youth Theatre in the play “when you die, please…” and of Admiral Kolchak at Irkutsk drama theatre. N. P.Okhlopkova.

But for many it will remain Rodion Romanovich thus Raskolnikov from “Crime and punishment” Lev Kulidzhanov, whose vehemence and pride, ardor and restraint, to forget is impossible unhurried patter and sharp smart look of Porfiry Petrovich in the performance of Innokenty Smoktunovsky.

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ten Years ago in an interview, George G. said: “I do Not like the word “role” with regard to what they do on stage or on the screen. What does this have to Raskolnikov, Ivan Karamazov or Stavrogin? Each self-destiny, which I was lucky enough to live”.

This is “lucky to live” is puzzling. It is clearly no pose. Rather, a statement. Suffice it to recall the episode that happened on the set of “Crime and punishment”. About it Taratorkin has told in the program “My hero” with Tatyana Ustinova. 22-year-old Raskolnikov, barely standing on his feet, exhausted by the conversation with the investigator, insulted, as he seems to be a sneer, holding a glass of water, carefully carried Porfiry Petrovich. And angry, not wanting to drink it down. And – furious indignation – compresses so that crushes the glass in his hand. Really, so the blood flows through the arm, and the shards of glass. Well, not crazy? The Director, stunned, tells the operator: “bring the Camera down! Down!”. And he didn’t even understand what happened – it takes the average plan. As agreed. Nobody expected so – “full destruction seriously” – this young man will play.

But the most strange is not even a cut hand, but the fact that the life of Raskolnikov, Stavrogin, and then Karamazov “lives” this boy, Leningrad (then, in 1969, the St. Petersburg was Leningrad), discreet, refined, intelligent, intellectual… In this neat perfect student, “botany”, as we would say today, and Dissenters? Then it is the role of Raskolnikov’s called discovery, Taratorkin along with Kulidzhanova and the whole crew received the state prize of the RSFSR. Awards are important, but not about them now speech.

If you try to find the common denominator of the most memorable “lived” actor roles, we can assume that it will be, first, good literature, the classics, and second – the same city that even after the blockade was still in the same city, who remembered Alexander Blok, and Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolai Gumilev and Anna Akhmatova, Nikolay Punina, Konstantin Vaginov… And, thirdly, in part, on a tangent – the air of post-war thaw.

George G. was Leningrad’s birthday – January 11, 1945. It so happened that his dad died very young – at 35 years old, leaving mom with two children, five and seven years. And mom beats, earn, raise children. And her co-worker, wishing to make a gift to the children collect money to buy them … pass in the Kirov theatre. The Current Mariinsky. To the top tier, of course. But in the theatre. It’s not just the people, it is the spirit of the city and era. I wonder when it was? In 1960, when George was 15 or a little earlier?

he wasn’t even going to be an actor. Drew, Yes, good. In General, in the Leningrad theatre for young people it was sent in the hope that after school there will be a place of the assistant of the artist. There was only the place of an electrician. And he began to work as an electrician. About his first appearance on stage, he said in an interview with the inimitable humor. Each time an electrician was in the dark quietly to put on stage the Cabinet with the chandelier, connect the wire and go. For this event young Taratorkin was preparing seriously – wash, then iron it to the shirt. White. No matter what it will not be visible, but he knows that this event. Everything went well. Only the white shirt was visible even in the dark, and furious, the Director wanted to show that idiot got on stage in the dark in a white shirt.

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in a Strange way, this white pressed shirt (which no one should see), and crushed glass in his hand Raskolnikov (which nobody asked) – it looks like links in a story. The one where a theater, art space almost magical in which not role play, and live, and, perhaps, this life is the real.
Leningrad young viewers ‘ theatre became his home, Studio youth theatre, which called him a great Director Zinovy ya Korogodsky, his school. When Taratorkin was received, the competition was a hundred people in the place. Got it. With his usual modesty, he will say: “I’m lucky because I met people that gave me faith in myself.” Then, as a teacher of Cinematography, it would be generous to give this faith to their students.

after Graduating from the Studio, in 1966 he would become an actor Leningrad youth theatre. Played on the stage of hamlet, Podkhalyuzin and … went to the operetta “cockroach” on the play by Chukovsky as one of the three Cancers, singing “we crayfish and bullies, do not want fight-fight…”. At the young theater of Leningrad unforgettable impression produced the play “when you die, please…”, where Taratorkin played the role of the great Pyotr Petrovich Schmidt, a naval officer in love with throwing letters to his beloved, revolutionary, raised the flag of freedom on the rebellious ship in 1905. Actually, the play was “Danish”, that is delivered to the next revolutionary date. But he was about love, about youth, about passion, about honor. And the suicide letter of Lieutenant Schmidt read at a solemn meeting with the actor, made almost the impression of shock. On this version of the revolution, the party bosses chose no t to remember. About Taratorkina and Kuranovoy (as was Rosberg) in this performance of the St. Petersburg theater-goers still remember with delight.

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Almost 35 years later he will play the role of Admiral Kolchak in the eponymous play of the Irkutsk drama theatre of a name of N. P. Ohlopkova. Every month he flew from Moscow (where Taratorkin has already served in the Theater. Mossovet) in Irkutsk, in order to play this role. “Yes, before the building of the theater is far away, but close to destiny,” say, how cut off. “Had the temerity to take in his fate” – drop actor one day. Sink so that it learns that Admiral Kolchak was one of the initiators of the reburial of the executed Lieutenant Schmidt. Both naval officers, both men of honor… So Peter and Alexander Vasilevich will converge not only in the repertoire of roles, one-man – their fate is touched in the country’s history, echoed through the decades.

the Actor a very wide range, powerful talent, Georgy Taratorkin will remain in the history of the Russian theatre and cinema. And while it is obvious that the films in which he played, whether it’s “Little tragedies”, “Purely English murder”, “an affair of the heart”, not to mention the “Crime and punishment”, – the inheritance, the value of which will only increase and that I would like to appeal again and again.


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