Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Raikin was justified for “nekrofilskoe Russia” – Komsomolskaya Pravda

a Second day has been simmering scandal over provocative performances of people’s artist Russia Konstantin Moscow in the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. There he called Russia a “nekrofilskim state.” After days of silence the art Director of theatre “Satyricon” decided to explain to the journalists what he really meant.

- a Phrase taken out of context verse of the play, which played for 15 years – said Raikin.

we are Talking about the phrase, uttered with a cold line of Pushkin’s “Boris Godunov“: “They only know how to love the dead…”, said the Artist.

During his speech in the St. Petersburg Raikin spoke about the tragic fate of Russian poets: Tsvetaeva, ENU, Brodsky, Mandelstam, Mayakovsky and others. The Director said that they hunted to death, and the majority of persecution have evolved as time in the Northern capital of Russia. Here Raikin and delivered his scandalous sentence: “we nekrofilskie state, it loves the dead more than the living. Then they called names of streets, squares, metro stations, and before that kill”.

the Response of the Director to wait long not made. The scandal has involved eminent writers and politicians. They are rigidly Raikin explained his view on Russian culture. In the end, the showdown has come to the Kremlin.

- unplug from the context, it was the whole phrase, which invested another meaning, – said the Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. You probably remember the full passage, which was described Raikin. There is about another. If you take apart out of context, maybe it’s not quite plausible word in relation to Russia, but he was talking about something else. I here urge not to pull out from the context.

But what happens? Not for the first time artists first throw society a loud provocation, and then, having received his portion of fame, explain its meaning. On this “Komsomolskaya Pravda” recalled a well-known journalist Armen ..

- once again it so happened that Raikin thought ahead of action, – said Gasparyan. – His theatre “the Satyricon”, by the way, nativan with the name of Arcady Raikin. So about nekropolista very strange to hear. But the tradition to name city facilities in honor of the dead great writers or poets exist not only in our country. Understand, in Russia it is not customary to erect monuments to the living, it was considered a bad omen. However, the truth in the words Raikin has. In our country the stage was not the best attitude. Poets have faced persecution and censorship. No matter under the Tsar or the General Secretary they lived. And only after the death of the Creator the power to see and exalted genius. From Raikin need to make a moral conclusion. Carelessly dropped word can cause such a strong reaction. And nobody will understand in endless documents, look for the context of the phrase. And then over the years prove that “you are not a camel”. From year to year we observe one picture. Artists speak first and then try to explain what they meant. It’s time to learn from their mistakes.


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