Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bob Dylan to receive the Nobel prize concert in Stockholm in the spring – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Awarded the Nobel prize for literature for the year 2016 American poet and rock musician Bob Dylan, who will not be able to attend the ceremony on 10 December, will receive his award later. Waiting for him in Sweden a concert in the spring of next year, says USA Today.

the Royal Swedish Academy said he respected his decision, however, reserves the right to require the winner to read the traditional lecture within six months after the presentation of awards.

“it Is likely that Bob Dylan will perform in Stockholm next year, maybe in the spring, and then it will be a great opportunity to read his lecture,” reads the statement of the Academy.

it is Noted that the rules of the Nobel Fund for the winners is quite flexible, so Dylan may present a lecture in the form of “written speech, spontaneous speech, the movie” or any other format of their choice.

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the news about the new winner of the prestigious prize for literature for the year 2016 in the face of Bob Dylan as a surprise to the world community. Representatives of the “Nobel” even made an explanation for its decision to award the award of the American author-artist. Russian writers also speak of this event. So, Victor Erofeev in the comments to this decision in the media stressed the fact that for the generation of the representatives of the Nobel Committee Bob Dylan for us Vladimir Vysotsky. Edward Lemons briefly named the winner of “kupletistom”. We called up science fiction writer Sergey response, to know his opinion on this matter (details).


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