Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The performance of Konstantin Bogomolov’s “the Prince” is removed from the repertoire “Lenkoma” Culture November 29, 22:08 – TASS

MOSCOW, November 29. /TASS/. Artistic Director of the Moscow theatre “Lenkom” mark Zakharov was removed from the repertoire, the performance by Konstantin Bogomolov, “the Prince” due to insufficient attendance of the production. The Director told TASS.

“we Have in the repertoire of many performances, their more than 30 – said Zakharov. We do not have time to play these productions at least once per month. A few days ago, we, together with theatre Director mark Varshaver see which performances can be removed from the posters and agreed that it is necessary to remove those who do not collect one hundred percent sold out. Those plays were two – a “Prince” and “Boris Godunov”, both staged by Bogomolov”.

In the end, according to the artistic Director, decided to stop in “Boris Godunov”, as Zakharov appreciate this show for the Director. “Prince,” we remove from the repertoire until this time, production will be “preserved”, – said artistic Director of “Lenkom”. However, he added that not yet reported its decision Bogomolov. “I haven’t seen it yet,” – said Zakharov.

Earlier, the Director “Lenkoma” mark Varshaver has stated that the play off because there are too many plays in the theatre poster.

“the Play is removed, December 17, it will be played for the last time, – said the Director of the theater. – The exact reasons it would be better to ask the art Director “Lenkom” Mark Zakharov, it’s his decision, but, as I understand it, the reason is simple – in the theater a very large number of plays, we just don’t have time to play.”

At the same time Varshaver believes that the play, in which mantises also plays a major role, is unlikely to ever return to the repertoire “Lenkoma”.

Earlier Bogomolov wrote on his page in Facebook that he received information that the play “the Prince” is removed from the repertoire. “I am grateful to Mark A. for the courage to make this play in the repertoire, and endlessly respecting this man, I bow my head before making any decisions,” wrote the Director.

the Premiere of “the Prince” took place in “Lenkom” in the spring of 2016. Staging will be played for the last time on December 17.


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