Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mark Zakharov was removed from the repertoire play Bogomolov due to poor attendance Lenta.ru

Artistic Director of the Moscow theatre “Lenkom” mark Zakharov was removed from the repertoire, the performance by Konstantin Bogomolov, “the Prince” due to insufficient attendance. On Tuesday, November 29, he told TASS.

According to Zakharov, in the repertoire “Lenkoma” more than 30 productions, and the theatre does not have time to play them all at least once a month. A few days ago together with theatre Director mark Varshaver has decided that the posters should be removed the plays that “do not collect one hundred percent sold out.” “Those plays were two — a “Prince” and “Boris Godunov”, both staged by Bogomolov,” explained the artistic Director of “Lenkom”.

As noted by Zakharov, he appreciates “Boris Godunov” for direction, and decided to leave. The exception is the “Prince” from the repertoire — a temporary measure, “production will be suspended,” said artistic Director.

He added that after the decision not met with Konstantin Bogomolov and nothing he has not yet been reported.

Earlier, the Director of “the Prince” on his page in Facebook said that he has information on the exclusion of the play from the repertoire “Lenkoma”. “I am grateful to Mark A. for the courage to make this play in the repertoire, endlessly respecting this man, I bow my head before making any decisions. I am sure that this work ever again on other sites. Let’s not discuss the incident. All time judge,” wrote Bogomolov.

the Premiere of the play “the Prince” in “Lenkom” was held in the spring of 2016. Final staging will take place on December 17.


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