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REPORT: dress rehearsal of the Junior Eurovision – as the participants are planning to enter into the arms of Europe – Belarus news (BelTA)

the Clock is ticking last day before the start of a great show – the children’s song contest “Eurovision 2016″, which will be held in Valletta (Malta) under the motto Embrace – “Embrace”. Reporters learned called for a dress rehearsal to see the participants in the song forum in all its glory and learn how they plan to charm and to conclude in his arms the entire European public and beyond.

dress rehearsal – it is, in fact, full show, which is held to record a safety version. If, during Sunday’s live broadcast will fail, will be temporarily included entry to troubleshoot the problem. So yesterday, November 19, audience hall, Republic Hall, Mediterranean conference centre full of Maltese people and visitors of Valletta, which support each child’s acting absolutely sincerely, without signal Directors and postanoxic show.

Otbyvaet competitive program Zena Donnelly from Ireland. The song “Brice Ar Bhrice” (“brick by Brick”) was an example of old-school ballad sound with elements of folk and markedly different from modern tracks. When vocal Xena, who by his example in the work called Beyonce (by the way, she is not alone in his preference at this competition), it seems a bit of an odd choice. But the audience meets a red-haired sorceress is very welcoming. Perhaps the European jury also prefer the old school – find out very soon.

After a fabulously soothing Irish motifs explosive vocals Anahit Adamyan and Mary Vardanyan from Armenia you would Wake you up. Rousing disco number “Tarber” (“Differences”), which proves how love and music can unite even the most different people, will make you not only listen, but intently follow a bright picture. Don’t miss a trick with a quick change at the end!

Looking at Clesto of Keha from Albania, which is on the stage all alone and seems to be singing something unspeakably sad, and I want to hug and feel sorry for the girl. But, actually, this is not the lament of the orphan – Crossbill sings (and very powerfully) about his dream for all children to live in a world without wars. The song is called “Besoj” (“I believe”).

the Russian project The Water of Life (“Living water”) with the same name the song became one of the most talked about contest. The opinions of experts were divided dramatically. If the plan song and especially the vocals of the leading soloist Sofya Fisenko all can only applaud, the show caused a mixed impression. Although flowing on the screens and on the floor water, flying floor-length dresses and long curls of blonde hair, in our view, perfectly complement the same “bubbling”, like a spring song. And that will tell the audience and the jury?

Christina Magrin from Malta initially planned to repeat on stage the choreography video to his song “Parachute” (“Parachute”), but then refused extra accents. As a result, all the spotlight, all cameras focused on the singer, and her vocals become the center of the composition. Which, admittedly, is really catchy.

the girl fell in love with all music critics and bloggers who came to the show from different countries. Lydia Ganev of Bulgaria looks on stage like a Princess, but sings like a professional with a great experience. While her image childish, pure and direct. She paints the scene in different colors and releases birds of peace in the sky led screen – the same story is repeated in her beautiful ball gown. It is this girl your “Magical day”, which is singing.

Another fan of Beyonce Martiya Stanojkovic from Macedonia even his stage persona mimics the idol – a lot of Shine and already highlighted by feminine forms. I wonder if she passed customs control at the airport in that outfit? Her catchy song “Love will lead our way” (“Love will show our way”) zapominaetsya from the first notes. Only now it seems that it is more appropriate at the adult Eurovision.

Poland, the competition is a strong vocalist Olivia Wieczorek. “Don’t forget” is a call to remember that the closest people around us, and the world is our treasure and source of strength. A simple but powerful statement – a strong claim on the part of Poland, especially after 12-year absence in the country on children’s “Eurovision”, and not very successful experience of performances in 2003 and 2004.

Finally, a volley of CO2 from cannons on the stage indicates the output of the Belarusian performer Alexander Minenko. It is beautiful and charismatic in this urban-style. With precision, the performance is sincere, the graphics on the screens literally sings to him, and the dancers of show-ballet “Sensation” figuratively and literally the support system for artists living upstairs. Everything is so bright and dynamic. And the fact that guys manage to dance on gyrometer, while Sasha sings too, can not but cause admiration. Belarus looks really cool! And I want to believe that “Music is my victory” would be a prophetic song.

during the break between the performances of the contestants break out room reflections of thousands of stars – on stage is a representative of Bulgaria at the “Eurovision 2016″ Stoccolma – Poli Genova. Under her “If love was a crime” you just can’t sit still. By the way, the Poly will be the judge in the upcoming season of the Bulgarian version of the show “the Voice.” And she admitted she would like to see last year’s trumpeter of the Junior Eurovision destiny chukunyere. Destiny with Poly – it would be the bomb!

Next to the stage is our neighbor from Ukraine – tender and gentle Sofia Role. Or rather, not out, and almost floats on a giant inverted umbrella. And after this umbrella becomes a boat for two loving hearts. “Planet craves for love” (“planet yearns for love”), sings the girl, and at her call I want to answer.

Guest from Sunny Italy Fiamma Bocce, not changing the tone set by Ukrainian, with “Eurovision” says hi to my mom. And do all mothers in the world. It is not surprising that even listening to an unfamiliar language for us, I remember the song from the cartoon about a mammoth.

Gyrometer at this competition have mastered not only Belarusians. The representative of Serbia Dunja Jeličić to the rhythm of the catchy chorus “La La La U” laps around the stage. Her appearance in a sparkling sequined tuxedo like the show of Michael Jackson. And for some reason and want to go on any dance floor 1980-90, where you can roller skate in the glare of a disco ball.

once again tenderness – this time from the Israeli Duo Shir & Tim. Timoti Sannikov partner Shira Freeman offered throughout Europe to follow their heart (“Follow my heart”). Where? Obviously, to the world of good and bright future under the blue sky, which draws to itself every child as they grow into adults.

I Think, exists nowhere in this competition and copies of American pop diva Beyonce. But the winner of the Australian version of the children’s show “the Voice” by Alex Curtis is really worthy of such a comparison. She’s beautiful, talented, and extremely loved by the cameras: the best camera angles for her. “We are” – We exist. Alex has and she may win.

a Lot of kisses and dancing in accordance with the title of the song gives from the first notes girls band Kisses from the Netherlands. The name of this trio consists of the names of the participants of Kimery, Stephanie and Sterre (Kymora, Stefania and Sterre), which are very harmonious together. By the way, until the last moment remained a mystery in what costume girls come on stage during the rehearsals, they have changed four version!

Cyprus looks forward to the competition for the same hot, like the country itself, guy – Giorgos Michaelides. Dancer, took lessons from famous choreographers in the world, invites the European audience to the dance floor. His song “Dance floor” is clear, like a cardiogram, beat and an uncontrollable fire, melting screens of the stage.

Savarese the competitive performance of the smallest contestant this year with the loudest vocals – 10-year-old Mariam from Georgia Mamadashvili. It seems like this fragile girl produces sound from the depths of his sparkling eyes – large plans in relation to Miriam very complementary. “Mzeo” (“Sun”) is a message to love one another, to love nature and the world. Perfect finale for the show under the motto “Embrace”. The time for them, isn’t it?

Ekaterina KNYAZEVA

Photo Gennady ZHINKOV

the learned.

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