Wednesday, November 16, 2016 latest news 6 days in advance: keep the relationship Bursikova? – Search News

recent events in the news today, 15.11.2016. latest news 6 days in advance: keep the relationship Bursikova?Many viewers have noticed that the relations of Ivan Bursikova and Irina Pinchuk are not the best way. It sometimes seems that guys just spend time in pairs, because it is impossible that the audience caught them in a conspiracy to win a million. Sooner or later, Ivan and Irina all-taki will leave, but we have yet to see a show that guys will be satisfied in a Clearing.

For example, today Barstow said that he was going to postpone the wedding. The young man just not sure he wants to see Pinchuk, his wife. Recall that when John was in a relationship with Marina Afrikantov, problems with the cleaning and cooking was not, though the blonde can not be called perfect hostess. Everything else, after another quarrel Ivan dashed out of the room with an angry expression on his face, but quickly cooled his ardor and brought jireh flowers. Rumor has it that Barsikow about something silent and that mystery knows Irina, so the guy holding her closer.

House 2 news and rumors today

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