Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Justin Bieber attacked his fan

As it turned out, not only Kanye West recently can not cope with bouts of aggression. The other day after one of the performances in the tour Purpose, which was held in Barcelona, Justin Bieber couldn’t help myself and hit one of the fans. According to witnesses, it happened in the moment when the celebrity car drove away from the concert hall, which hosted the show. The young man ran for the car of his idol, and tried to look to his open window, for which he received from the singer punched in the face. It is worth noting that the blow was of such force that the young man was bleeding.

By the way, this is not the first run-by with fans. For example, not long ago, Justin left the stage right in the middle of the concert, as he did not like that the fans are too loud for his songs.

in addition, a few months ago in his Instagram Bieber wrote a post about the fact that he was tired of special attention: “Sometimes I feel like an animal in a zoo. So do not be surprised that at times I don’t want to be photographed or sign autographs. Remember, if you give the money for my album, it doesn’t mean that I should work them. You bought the disc, not me,” complains the artist.


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