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Kim Kardashian took the kids and moved from her psychopath husband to my mother – tvnz

here comes Trouble: just Kim Kardashian came to himself after a daring robbery in the Paris as her husband, the rapper Kanye West ended up in the hospital. The actor was hospitalized after a nervous breakdown, put in handcuffs and forcibly taken to a psychiatric clinic. According to eyewitnesses, Kanye flipped out in the gym located in the home of his personal trainer. The singer attacked the staff and the owner of the gym called therapy West. After seeing Kanye, Dr. Michael Farzam called for psychiatric help and warned that the patient could attack the medics, when they will take him to the clinic. Kanye really resisted, and he was handcuffed.

Now the West is in a medical center Ronald Reagan California (L.A.), where he will undergo psychiatric examination. According to the official version, the rapper hospitalized with fatigue and nervous exhaustion. However, insiders say that it’s more complicated: Kanye was acting paranoid. At the coach’s house, he started to have hallucinations, he claimed to want to kill him.

Kanye without explanation cancelled 21 concerts of her tour.Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

When it happened, Kim Kardashian with her sisters and mother were in newYork: the reality star was going to go to a charity ball. It was assumed that this will be her first appearance in public after the ill-fated robbery in Paris. However, knowing what happened to her husband, Kim quickly sat in a private plane and flew to Los Angeles. Kim’s mother Kris Jenner and her sisters went to the ball. According to eyewitnesses, the toilet Chris angrily told her daughters: “It was supposed to be a lovely evening, but Kanye ruined everything again”.

Tiffany had every reason to be angry with son-in-law: according to sources of the Daily Mail, it turns out, Kim has been a month since I left home. As soon as my husband went on tour in support of their new album, Pablo, Kardashian Packed up, took the child daughter North and son of the Saint and went to live with my mom. Kim settled in a luxurious mansion mother in a closed commune of Hidden Hills in suburban Los Angeles (where he settled Angelina Jolie, pulled off the children from brad pitt). Allegedly Kardashian was scared to stay in their Kanye’s house alone while her husband is not at home. Kim a hard time about the attack in Paris and long to recover. However, according to sources, in fact Kim was just fed up with the strange behavior of the husband and his tantrums. The last time West and Kardashian fought a lot, and Kim decided to take a timeout and to wait until the husband wakes up and start acting like a man.

recently Kanye lived in the shadow of his beautiful wife.Photo: EAST NEWS

meanwhile, all surrounded in one voice say: before the West was hospitalized, had a lot of alarm “bells”, talking about his mental illness. Two days ago Kanye stopped the music in Sacramento: the rapper came on stage and instead of singing, he began to blame Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z. the Audience booed Kanye, and he left the room half an hour after the beginning of the concert. After that West has canceled his tour – and it is nearly 21 concert without explanation. And finally, on the eve of a nervous breakdown, Kanye has posted on his Instagram 99 photos of strange clothes and shoes, which immediately suggests the inadequacy of the artist.

Kim took the kids and moved out of their home with Kanye.Photo: EAST NEWS

According to relatives, the reason for the failure Kanye can be a deeply personal reason: his mother died in November, and since then the artist every year it is hard going through this month. His mother, Donda West died in 2007 during a plastic surgery.

we will Remind, on October 2, Kim Kardashian, who arrived for fashion Week in Paris was robbed in her luxury hotel. Two robbers in masks and police uniforms locked the star in the bathroom and searched the room. The burglars took away all the jewels which found. According to Kim, the most in that moment she was afraid that criminals would rape her.

Kim and Kanye got married on may 24, 2014 after two years of relationship. pair two children – three-year North and 11-month-old Saint.


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