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Song of discord: as Didier Marouani arrived in Moscow for the money, and got to the police station – Вести.Ru

law enforcement officers have to understand the extremely complicated case French musician, leader of the legendary Space band Didier Marouani (his interests are represented by Russian lawyer Igor Trunov) and Russian pop star Philip Kirkorov (his lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky).

not only that, confusing the story of the music for the smash-hit Kirkorov “tough love”, which, according to Marouani is processing composition “Symphonic Space Dream”, and the lawyer of the Russian artist claims that it was written a few years before, the media have added confusion.

And now have to figure out not only the question of whether there has been copyright infringement, but also to understand the suspicion of extortion, for which the famous French musician and lawyer were detained on the evening of 29 November and sent to the police station.

Several media outlets earlier reported that the police in front of them apologized, but Kirkorov’s lawyer said that this could not be.

However, prior to detention, the circumstances seem more than strange – at least, judging by the information that is on the surface.

Now, as reported by some media, it is possible that the Philip Kirkorov can be prosecuted for false denunciation. This can happen if the fact of extortion of money from him is not proven.

a law enforcement Source told Life that to a man through a lawyer Dobrovinsky asked the pranker Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov write Didier Marouani’s readiness to resolve the dispute in the pretrial order.

According to him, “in his statement to the police, the man indicated that he was aware of the talks of the former President from his face, and offered him such a scheme, Alexander Dobrovinsky”.

“a man faked his extortion, he also organized a meeting on the settlement agreement in the pretrial order,” – said the source publication.

Yourself the culprit in the comments of “Russia 24″ also confirmed the fact that a person Kirkorov negotiated with Maruani, and when he realized that a prank call went too far, then forwarded the materials to the lawyer of the Russian singer. He in turn, according to the media, felt that there is a suspicion of extortion.

on the other hand, it is not clear, could be so naive lawyer Trunov and star of the French stage, who calmly in the middle of the day came to the Bank branch in the centre of Moscow that, as previously reported, to sign the world with Kirkorov and get “compensation” if their intention really was part of the extortion.

At least, according to the lawyer, Didier Marouani, they came to the Bank to get the money officially, in the framework of the settlement agreement in the case of plagiarism.

“Philip at the last moment, when there was a question that the notary was to sign (documents), threw the money on the table and ran away. After that came the police. Naturally, they began to intimidate, horror catch”, – quotes the website НТВ.Ru the words of Igor Trunov.

the Lawyer Kirkorov Alexander Dobrovinsky, for his part, said that his client a settlement agreement to conclude not intend to, and Maruani calls the victim the culprit. However, in this case it is not clear why the Russian singer came to the Bank for a meeting with the Frenchman?

in addition, Dobrovinsky’s claims that Trunova and Marouani caught red-handed during transfer of money, the detention itself took place in the framework of the written police statements Kirkorov of extortion.

the second French lawyer Lyudmila Aivar said that Kirkorov himself offered to pay Marouni compensation for copyright infringement.

However, in respect Marouani and his lawyer Igor Trunov’s statement Kirkorov preliminary examination on extortion continues.

the strangeness of the situation in the fact that the Russian courts, as required by law, claim from the representative of the French musician Kirkorov’s lawyer is not found.

this is What, according to Dobrovinsky, gave him the assumption that they are dealing with a ransomware, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Kirkorov’s Lawyer says Didier Marouani arrived in Moscow, called him and said: “Either we agree, and Philip pays me a million euros or my lawyer Trunov will arrange a press conference, where he will make Kirkorov damn it!”

And then, according to Dobrovinsky, Philip wrote a letter to Marouani law enforcement agencies, citing three articles: extortion in especially large sizes, slander and dissemination of information from private life.

“Any papers and settlement agreement have Didier with him was not” – says the lawyer Kirkorov.

Marouani Lawyer Igor Trunov, on their part, after the controversial arrest in the Bank has told RIA Novosti that they now and his client plan to file a claim of copyright infringement by Russian singer Philip Kirkorov in the us Supreme court.

However, there is in this story and another note of absurdity: it is not clear why French composer makes claims it to Kirkorov, who is the only performer of “song of discord”? After all, its composer Oleg Popkov.

the Russian defenders of the song argue that Popkov wrote it in 1990 and it was registered in 2000. That is the year before showed its premiere to the General public the French.

the Scandal surrounding the hit Philip Kirkorov broke out in early November. Then Marouani said that the song “Cruel love” is a recycling of his compositions Symphonic Space Dream. He was going through the court to recover from the Russian singer 75 million rubles.

Didier Marouani and his lawyer on November 29 detained in Department of a Bank in the center of Moscow on Pokrovka, and then they were taken to the Basmanny police Department.

In a commentary, “Москве24″ Igor Trunov said he intends to pursue a criminal case against Philip Kirkorov and his lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky. And the lawyer Lyudmila Aivar told reporters, commenting on the reaction of French pop stars that Didier Marouani “probably will never come to Moscow – not a concert, nor even in the Kremlin.”


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